Fuse emulator 1.1.1 for the Rasbperry Pi

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Hello, have been waiting for a long time for an official update to the Fuse emulator on the Raspberry Pi, currently at version 1.0.0. Today decided to build the .deb packages myself, and, being more of a RPM package type of guy, learn a bit about building on Debian. If anyone wants these, you can download them from my Dropbox:


For reference, I used the source packages for Debian "jessie" to build these and everything except fuse-utils built without a problem. Fuse-utils had dependencies on a library (libavresample-dev) which on RPi's Debian Wheezy is a bit older. Tried to circumvent the dependency but the build would just fail. Ended up installing stock fuse-utils.

All tests I did were with the SDL version. The GTK version (X) starts (with minimal console warnings) and seems to work but didn't spend time on it as it is not my thing.

Hope this is useful to others here. :)

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    Thanks for sharing that!!!... Not figured out how to compile stuff myself yet, and my system is mostly off line, making updates a pain... Been bashing my head against brick walls lately tinkering with the BananaPi clone, and very tempted to go back to the original raspberry pi for the software support - your FUSE compiled binary will be much appreciated, as Iv been depending on an older version of unreal speccy portable for most of my ZX gaming needs for the raspberry till now... Its good, but doesn't have the reliable timing that Fuse has for accuracy... Thanks for waiting (no doubt hours) in compiling this!... ;)
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    Am glad it was helpful to the WoS community. I think it took between one and two hours to build, with my RPi overclocking set to High.

    BTW, have a BananaPi too, but can't build anything with SDL on it. Must try harder, I guess. :)

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