Zero 0.7.1/0.6.6 released

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A quick update with fixes for a bunch of issues:

? Fixed issues in load and save binary dialog boxes (serbalgi)
? Fixed issues with going fullscreen in GDI (serbalgi) (0.7.1)
? Fixed crash issue on .Net 4 and above (zxmak)
? Fixed crash when loading invalid SNA snapshot (karingal)
? Fixed apparent hang when trying to close emulator in fullscreen ? directX only (hikoki) (0.7.1)
? Fixed ULA Snapshot (SZX) not loading correctly (serbalgi)
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    Had a quick play with Zero 0.7.1. A few issues.

    Pause emulation when loses focus doesn't work.

    FPS seems to "stick", when I adjusted the emulation speed it always said 47FPS whatever I adjusted it to.

    When I whack the emulation speed up to 500% (should be 250FPS) it barely rises about 65FPS.

    The emulator appears to be running a bit slow if the FPS is correct, can vary from 20 to 47 FPS.
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    Thanks kar. The FPS readout isn't terribly accurate and I haven't had much luck in figuring out why. Maybe because of the way I'm synchronizing the rendering with the speccy. One for the bug list.
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