New Game - Page and the Curse of the Pharaoh

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My second outing with AGD and continuing on from my last game, may I present... 'Page and the Curse of the Pharaoh'

After battling his way through the castle in his last adventure Page finally found a way out only to find an evil Pharaoh had awoken after centuries of sleep. The Pharaoh's tomb had long since been pillaged so he commanded Page to return to him all his treasure on penalty of death and placed a curse on our poor adventurer. Page's only hope is to find a rumoured portal which will not only free him of his curse but also send him far away from these troubled lands.


Page has decided to make a run for it so help him find a way past the evil Pharaoh and his nasty minions and look for the 'Exit' portal. There are 30 levels to get through and grab as much treasure as you can on the way. Keys open secret doors and there are strange powerful amulets scattered throughout the land which are rumoured to give him extra lives...

Keys are QAOP to move and SPACE to jump


Download TAP version here:

Download Snapshot (szx) here:

Special thanks to Jonathan Cauldwell who created and continues to update AGD.

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