Keymap for The Order of Mazes

I've created a keymap for The Order of Mazes but I don't have a Vega to test it out. Can somebody please give it a try and let me know if it works. In particular am interested to see if the start button works as I have mapped the button to select keyboard (1) and then skip the redefine key selector (Fire pressed)

You can download the keymap here

Thanked by 1R-Tape


  • Control keys work fine, but the 'S' button doesn't work on the menu, it registers something, stops the music and flashes the blue ATTRs but the game doesn't start. I had to select '1' using the keypad.

    I've not looked into keymaps yet so can't help out with a solution sorry.

    The lowish speed and game layout means the Vega pad works pretty well with this game.
  • Tks for testing, not sure why the start button doesn't work, will read the manual again to figure out as it supposed to press 1 for keyboard and then fire to skip the redefine selector.

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