Tell me if it works for you.
TZX-2-SZX converts tzx (and tap) to szx by sending keystrokes to SpecEmu emulator
Just put all files into TAP folder


  • New updated version. Same link as above.
    converts tzx,tap,z80,sna to szx by sending keystrokes to SpecEmu emulator

    - Go to SpecEmu and make sure all 'tape playback options' are checked (press F8 tab 'tape')
    - Go to SpecEmu Options and choose 'Model'.
    - Put all files into 'TZX' folder
    - Some of the tzx files may need more than 4 secs to load. Choose 3 secs for the rest of file formats.
    - File names must not be too long.
    - Next version of this utility will support search within subdirectories.
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    Updated. Same link as above: DOWNLOAD
    New version allows searching within subdirectories, loading time omitted plus the emulator is paused when converting snapshots.

    I've converted all games from to format .szx : DOWNLOAD New Spectrum Games

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