The Pawn and Spin 5.04 - weird behaviour

edited August 2004 in Emulators
Two TZX files from the TZX vault:

The Pawn.tzx

The Pawn v2.3.tzx

(both are v 2.3 from the start text, but the first shows the title screen when loading and the "Pondering...." message as the game bootsup and the second jumps straight into the first text description)

No matter what spectrum 128k model I select to be emulated, the first file crashes everytime (just after the rainbird screen comes up)..however with accelerated loading turned off it works fine.

The second one will work with accelerated loading turned on, but only if the emulated Spectrum is a +2, all other models crash with various errors depending on the model emulated ( 6 Number too big, 20:6 for 128K Spectrum)

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