I'm new to the site, and I see that 3 of your MIA titles are mine !!!

Hi, I’ve just recently joined your website, and I see that 3 programs I wrote back in the mid 80’s are on your MIA list !!!
These are Turbo-Baud, Turbo-File, and Specdrum Super Editor.

I was selling them under the name of Essex Logic Services, but alas I didn’t make enough money to retire, so I still have a day job.

I have one of every version of the Spectrum, although the keyboard membranes have given up on all except the Saga 1 Emperor, which I still like to play around with.

It was a proud moment when I saw my three babies on your list, so if you want a copy of each (gratis), just let me know.

Phil Stanley.

Essex Logic Services. (A grand title for someone working on the kitchen table) 8o)


  • Hi Phil - welcome to the site! Having three MIAs - and being the author too - is definitely a good way to introduce yourself! :)

    "Official" updates to the archive are currently on hold whilst the site is being revamped and it's not entirely clear when everything'll be fully operational again (you may spot the odd thread here and there discussing this... amongst other things!). However, if you're able to upload the programs to a file-sharing site and post links here in the meantime then I know that they'll definitely be appreciated. If you've got any pictures or scans of the box art and that kind of thing then that'd be excellent as well. If you need any help at all converting tapes to TZX etc then please just ask.

    There is/was a proper list of names of people who'd given permission to WOS to put their software in the archive so I guess that'd be something else to do when the site's totally back on its feet.

    Anyway, thanks in advance! :)
  • Not only do I have the cassette inlays and labels, but I still have a box of cassettes somewhere in the loft !!!
    It would be stretching the imagination to call it "artwork" though.
  • Hi Phil,

    Yes I'm interested in getting your titles preserved. Could you drop me an email at Gilby6@btinternet.com and we'll get something organised. Cheers, Steve
  • Thank you Phil for post to the forums and it's always nice to speak with authors from the 'wonder years'.
    As Richl says above, we're always interested in helping out to 'share the love' if permitted.

    Cheers Andy.
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