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Newbie alert - so apols in advance. Got a Vega at Christmas and it's not working with some of the games I've downloaded (esp Booty - aaaaaargh...!!). Have tried to do a software update - have downloaded the file to SD card (root of). Powered on and sd card / update not detected.
Can anyone help ??? any help much appreciated (as have a 12yo son who doesnt believe how awesome Booty was... )


  • The most recent firmware version is V0.1.64 released on the 9th September 2015. If you bought the Vega at Christmas then you already have the most recent version installed.

    Have you checked that the games you've downloaded are in the correct format? The Vega only supports .Z80, .SZX and .TAP files; if you can't find the game in the appropriate file format there are various tools available to convert them, or you can load them into an emulator and save them out in the required format.
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  • From my experience the compatibility is very good. It's mainly the virtual tape support that lets the Vega down

    It struggles with certain tape loaders and games that require rewinding or fast-forwarding to particular points on the tape. If the game will not load, as GReW mentions, you can run the game in an emulator and save a .Z80 snapshot; most emulators support this.

    Some games also require a keymap. You can create your own at, and someone did write a .NET tool which was knocking around on the old Vega forum.
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