Game you had no idea what you where playing...

I guess the top one was Sentinel.

O was 7 I had no idea what I had to do (I still don't have... to be honest).

For years I believed the game was about you being a Snipper in the desert, trying to find another snipper... (Actually I still believe my version of the game would have been much more interesting).

What other games did you play not knowing what you had to do?


  • Shadowfire!!!
    Zoids, and any flight sim
  • Another vote for Shadowfire here! :)

    Gyron. The only thing I knew about it is that a guy won a Porsche, that's all.

    Gift From the Gods: The only thing I could do was running and exploring screens with no idea what was going on.
  • Zoids..
    So far, so meh :)
  • zoids! shadowfire to easy to play
    [Stronghold] [l'Abbaye des Morts] [Stronghold2 WiP (30%) defrosen]
  • Lots of flight sims, especially Echelon which sounds like a proto-Mercenary but is a bit rubbish. You read the instructions, hold down 'Up' for a few seconds until you start to doubt yourself, then there is just the slightest flicker of pixels on screen to show that you are moving.
  • Anything by Design Design...
  • Frankie goes to Hollywood

    No idea what I was supposed to be doing..
  • Sqij. I'm sure there's a good game in there though!
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  • VanTammen wrote: »
    I guess the top one was Sentinel.

    The Sentinel isn't complicated, really - it might look complex but the rules and objective result in a very simple (but fantastic) game, and in fact I think the reason no one has ever made a game like it but with more complexity is that The Sentinel's simplicity is important to it's playability.

    In the game, you can move from place to place by creating a body (a robot) for yourself, then teleporting into it. You have to avoid the Sentinel's gaze, as when he sees you he will absorb energy from you. You have to absorb the Sentinel to win and move to the next level. The Sentinel is the tall thin in the middle(ish) of the map.

    You (or the Sentinel) can only absorb something if you can see the square (or the rock) that it's standing on. The things you can absorb are a tree, a rock, a robot (an old body of yours), or a Meanie ( a Meanie is created by the Sentinel if it can see you but not the square you're stood on), and you want to absorb as many things as you can, as that means you get more energy, which you need for making robots and rocks, plus you need energy for Hyperspace (if you're in immediate danger, then pressing the Hyperspace key puts you in a random location, but requires three energy units for the robot that is created for you to inhabit.

    Basically, you have to move through the map to get high enough to see the square that the Sentinel is standing on (so you can target the square to absorb the Sentinel). You can create artificially high points to stand on by creating rocks on top of each other, for you to create a body on, for you to teleport into. When you've absorbed the Sentinel, then you have to press Hyperspace to go to the next level.
  • slenkar wrote: »
    Zoids, and any flight sim


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    Bluce_Ree wrote: »
    slenkar wrote: »
    Zoids, and any flight sim


    Oh come on. In Shadowfire, the green computer is for movement, the yellow for objects and the red for attacking. It obvious. You can't click on team members when they are moving. You need to equip weapons before team members use them in fights, otherwise they don't last very long. But thats detailed in the rulebook... somewhere. You do have a rulebook, right? It isn't immediately obvious which weapons are more powerful, but the heavier an item is, generally the more dangerous it is. Its not rocket science.

    Edit - Oh, and only Manto, the small white robot thing, can use teleport pads. But they can only be used when you've dropped them, not when you are carrying them. And you've got to remember to pick them up again after using them. But thats self evident.
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  • Explorer by Electric Dreams. Back in the day I thought the graphics were almost photo realistic. Your task was clear, but I never understood the game. A user review in the archive says it's a hidden gem and a wondeful game...maybe my loosing the instructions leaflet didn't help. :)

  • ewgf wrote: »
    VanTammen wrote: »
    I guess the top one was Sentinel.

    The Sentinel isn't complicated, really -(...)

    I agree. It's becomes difficult after a few levels, but the game concept is as simple as it is original.
  • Lords of Midnight etc.
    - -
  • Rebel - I never, ever want to play that game again (caused quite a few family arguments and I have unpleasant memories of playing it).
  • Braxx Bluff. Lost or never spotted the instructions in the 10 Computer Hits package and couldn't figure any of it out. Seen a play through on YouTube and I'm still none the wiser ;) It aint my cup of tea anyway.
  • Oh come on you lot. 'lost' your instructions? Or maybe you never had them in the first place ;)
    Might be worth a visit to
  • Some of the games you got on covertapes might as well have been copies, and funnily enough Explorer is one of those, I'm pretty sure YS neglected to include any kind of how to play apart from the keys and a brief storyline, which sounded like it had been made up anyway.

    SU were just as guilty with Double Take....26 years later and I still don't know how to play that game :))

    Although I'm sure I've mentioned Double Take before, as have many other people, and I'm sure it was actually explained what you were supposed to do, and turned out to be sh*t? It seemed it may have been much more enjoyable with the air of mystery about it? :))
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    Quicksilva's Hocus Focus, Time Trax, the already mentioned The Sentinel, Double Take, Explorer.

    Tried Gyron Arena the other day, and I really didn't understand it, didn't even have the patience to really bother to focus on the on screen instructions, after all.

    Tried Starstrike II a couple of times this year and I just don't know what I'm supposed to do, I just seem to fly through the same space grid with the same swirling solids.

    I, of the Mask.

    And another trillion of games.
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  • I, of the Mask was definitely weird. Nice graphics, didn't get it. I kind-of got Frankie, but it was definitely strange.

    My cousin and I played Zoids a lot, and it made more sense the more you played it (they gratuitously nicked the Death Star trench from Star Wars for the 'incoming fire' window, but it was back when people didn't sue at the drop of a hat.)

    We always got really far, then ran into one of the mega baddies and got our arses kicked.
  • Luny wrote: »
    Oh come on you lot. 'lost' your instructions? Or maybe you never had them in the first place ;)

    I wish that was the case. Back then I was yet to discover videogame magazines and made my parents buy me a few awful games. And btw, :P

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