TTFn Sinclair type-ins archive

It has been suggested that TTFn - The Type Fantastic ( might have the largest selection of ZX80/ZX81 type-in programs on the Internet (currently 705 on file). If so, much of the credit should go to Paul Farrow, who has typed in 377 of them (mostly with the instructions as well). Even so, after counting the 1500-odd Spectrum type-in programs on file (plus a handful of QL & SAM) there's about 2400 across all formats still to do. (Hint)


  • PS.
    I forgot to mention that those magazine type-in stats just relate to the 1333 issues which have been indexed. Also still to do are an unknown number of type-ins from the 360 un-indexed issues of the 23 Sinclair magazine titles which are indexed at SPOT*On ( (A simple average of (4652/1333) would indicate something like an additional 1250-odd type-ins might exist in those 360 un-indexed issues.)
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