Sound jack on grey +2

I have aquired a Spectrum 128 +2 grey model, anybody happen to know the size of the sound jack on the back?

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    OK. got it, 3.5 I only asked because it looked bigger.

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    I think it may be a 3 connection jack.

    Heres the diagram from the +3 manual

    Cassette unit

    Programs may be loaded from, or saved to tape instead of disk, (the
    commands which instruct the computer to direct data to and from disk
    or tape were explained earlier in this manual).

    To connect your cassette unit to the +3, you will require a suitable
    interconnecting lead, wired as follows...

    TAPE/SOUND socket on the +3 Cassette unit

    To EAR socket
    Input ___
    (EAR) __ / |____
    | / _| |____()
    | ___ / / \___|
    ___ _ v | --_ / /
    Input (EAR) \/ | | _ _____| -.
    ' /
    | | ()[_[_____| |
    Output (MIC) _/\ |_| ^ | | _-^
    . \ To MIC socket
    | | | |___-- \ \ ___
    GND (common) _______| | | \ \_ / |____
    Output GND \__| |____()
    (MIC) (common) \___|


    You will see that the shaft of one of the jack plugs is divided into 3
    separate metal sections - this is the plug that should be inserted
    into the socket marked TAPE/SOUND at the back of the +3.

    The shafts of the other two jack plugs are divided into only 2
    separate metal sections - these are the plugs that should be inserted
    into the sockets on your cassette unit marked MIC and EAR. (On most
    commercially available leads, the plug for the MIC socket is coloured

    (On some cassette units, the MIC socket may be labelled COMPUTER IN or
    INPUT. Likewise, the EAR socket may be labelled COMPUTER OUT or

    It is important to remember that the successful transfer of programs
    to and from tape is largely dependent on the correct setting of the
    LEVEL or VOLUME control on your cassette unit. If you cannot load or
    save program easily, try experimenting with different LEVEL control
    positions until the optimum setting is found. If you cannot seem to
    load or save any programs at all, try reversing the plugs to the MIC
    and EAR sockets on your cassette unit.

    (Dont know if the font will display it properly)

    Even if this is the case just plug in a stereo jack plug and see where your getting the signal!
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    The grey +2 sound socket could not load stuff from tape - I tried years ago.

    The black +2A machines could load stuff through this socket (the +2A was the guts of a +3 with a tape deck instead of a disk drive, hence the +3 had to have some way of loading tapes as it didn't have a tape drive built in)

    The socket is clearly marked with "SOUND/TAPE" on +2A and +3 machines.
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