Reverse engineering "Stack Light Rifle"


I would like to reverse engineer the electronics inside the connector in the "Stack Light Rifle" to build adapters which can be used with more common guns such as Magnum Light Phasers, Sega Light Phasers, and Cheetah Defenders.

Has anyone said gun? Could a picture be posted of the contents inside the connector?


  • I have one, but to get inside it would mean breaking it, as its a sealed unit.
    I reviewed it in episode 44 of (The Spectrum Show).
    Not sure it would work with other guns as it does not use the raster like the Defender or Magnum. It seems to use the different in brightness and/or contrast. Therefore games designed to work with normal light guns using the raster would not work as there has to be a clear difference between an item to shoot and its background. usually this is a bright object against a black background.
  • Know your show and your episode, we wrote there ;-)

    I have access to the electronics of the commodore version of the SLR. This one works the same as the Defender, I just have to invert signals. I think I will simply give it a try. I just hoped to cut down possibilities as it's around faculty 7. On a similar controller I spent 30 + hours... but I think there is no other way concerning the rarity of the SLR.
  • ^^ today I broke my DivMMC tinkering with a solution^^ anyone mercy with me, willing to send me Stack Light Rifle schematics or sell me a unit?
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    do you mean this one??

    i dont have it anyway, but with a picture people might say "aha"
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