Spectrum kaput! HELP!

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I've had a Speccy since 1988. The only problem is that it went dead 6 years ago! ...Or atleast it seems to have.If I switch it on now, all I get is a white screen with the infamous Sinclair copyright message (1982 Sinclair ...). None of the keys work anymore, so I don't know if there is any life within the poor thing. Sniff.

Can anyone tell me wots wrong with my speccy? Is it dead? Has the keyboard gone to north pole? Is there something wrong with the wiring? Is it possessed? Wot? Sniff.

Of course, if you are smart enought to know wot the problem is, sitting miles away from where I am (India to be precise!), I hope you would be kind enough to tell me the solution too! Remember, I'm in India, so no point in telling me to march off to the nearest "old computers" dealer! Sniff. However, any suggestions are welcome.

Long live the Spectrum!
Down with the establishment!

And..er..that's about it, really! Thanks in advance! Sniff.
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    Since you are able to read the copyright message, ULA, processor, ROM and the first 16k of RAM seems to be ok.
    The most probable thing is that the keyboard out of order. Either the membrane went dead (in which case you have to get a new one or make a substitute, but it's complicated) or just the connecting wires are worn out - this was also my case a year ago.
    just open the blackbox and have a look and let me know...
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    ah! okay, so it's the keyboard as I suspected. Assuming it's the connecting wires that are worn out, how I will I replace them? Wot kind of wires should I be looking out for?
    Or, if it's the dreaded membrane thats gone, how am I going to replace this? Is it some generic membrane or is there a special one for the Speccy? Thanks for ur answers, anyhow!
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    You can revamp the keyboard connection ribbons with metallic paint, I have done this, also try shaving a little bit off the ribbons as they tend to break up.
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    Well my ribbons were broken very close to the membrane and i din't try to repaint them so i cut them nearly completely off, then removed the connectors from the speccy board and preparead new cables from and old LPT port
    then soldered them one end into the board and the connectors onto the other one. the remains of the original ribbon is easy to put into the connector but unfortunately due to the TV modulator i cannot close the blackbox now icon_frown.gif
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    whooa! this is serious stuff! Mmm....maybe I should stick to the emulators on my PC? Maybe I'll have a stab at the real thing when I feel less lazy! Thanks for telling me wot to do gentlemen! Long live the speccy! Down ...er..wot? I have said it before? Oh okay, then! Cheerio and may the Speccy be with you!
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