I am 15 and recently got a +D drive Interface for the Speccy 128k but the boot disk has become corrupted. I was wondering if anyone had a boot disk they could give me or knew where I could get a new one.

Many thanks

Chris Mitchell
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    You can make a bootdisk out of the tape which comes with the interface. I don't know if such program is available on WOS. If it doesn't it should, as it's common to come across +D interfaces having lost the tape...

    I have such tape, anyway. I have never tried making a .TAP, which may be complicated due to being a Linux user, but I could give it a try. My +D is for a 48k, though, but I think the program is the same.
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    The TZX Vault has justed added a TZX version of the +D tape that came with the +D. You can find it at -


    From this, should be able to make a tape copy using one of the various utilities available from the WOS site and then a boot disk for your +D
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