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Can anyone tell me what font was used for the printing on the ZX Spectrum keyboard?
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    Looks like Helvetica to me.

    Why do you want to know?
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    You can download 3 different Speccy fonts for the PC/Mac/Miggy.
    One is the speccy on-screen font
    One is the keyboard font (complete with all the symbol shift/ext mode subtexts)
    The other is the font used for the SINCLAIR logo at the top left of your speccy.

    I found all 3 on a freeware font site (can't remember the URL). If you email me, I'll see if I can bung a copy your way.

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    I think the site you mean is the fantastic ZX Spectrum Golden Years, at

    How I wish there was a site like this for all computers, so that you could
    get an idea of the best games for the MSX/Amstrad/BBC etc, that you
    never really saw except at school or at a mate's house.

    Anyway the link (not tried it) is at
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