New emulator - Spectramine v.1.0b released

I post the first release of my Spectramine emulator, with minimal functionality, for public testing of emulation quality and compatibility with games and demos. Control the emulator through context menu and shortcuts.

Development priorities:
1) ease of use;
2) emulation accuracy - z80, delays, ports, undocumented features etc.
For today, in addition to AY, Kempston joystick (on arrow keys), and ULAplus emulation, Spectramine limitedly supports TR-DOS (.trd, .scl and hobeta files), and +3DOS (.dsk files), within the scope of capabilities of SpecEmu emulator libraries (Mark Woodmass allowed me to use them, my big thanks to him for that!). Also, floating bus of +2A/+3 is emulated.

The emulator is distributed as donationware, so if you want to support the development with a donation, see "About" in the emulator.

Tested on Windows 7 32 and Windows XP 32.

Games and demos that added with the release was chosen arbitrarily, what came to hand and was tested.

Light zip-archive without added files (games, demos, tests):!ZqRBzATI!8XivjyVjPGxxsWY9v6y-tC1RdWP17xkY2QNCy48ij7M
Full zip-archive with both versions:!97hVSbAb!MaHHRPCq__Fcx0T44Ca0FLLjBLQOb4JbQtTMaDzqXu4
English version installator:!krRhVYhZ!nruPdWlVbqkmZGCrumnpfV49WSFIWrNfwT0DVOOp7oY
Russian version installator:!hix1VYoL!kgYAsbiUZdcG5FQjijcaarcqqyCbniH53u6KsN5sNBo

Any reports will be useful.
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