How can I use the Speccy in a NTSC TV?
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    I think the only way would be to use a video standards converter to get the PAL output to NTSC.

    Electronic wise the main problem would be that the circuits on the spectrum only really supply video info suited to a PAL environment (PAL encoded Composite on edge connector location 15A and the PAL RF output from the back)

    The only connections on the edge connector that may be of use to you are Y U and V which are located on 16A 18A and 17A respectively (Close to but not the same as your Component(Colorstream) Video system).

    If its a Plus 2 or Plus 3 I think that there is RGB on the monitor socket and that may be of use to you as this is not video standard specific (Trouble is most American TV's favour Component over RGB)

    I would check to see what connections your TV will accept and see if any of these output types are accepted. Otherwise go with the video standards converter (Most Video shops would be able to point you in the right direction in England! I dont know about the States but its worth a try).

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    Just checked a video manual and found that U is also called Cr and V is also called Cb

    So this is the same as component video.

    If you take these off the edge connector and an additional line off the ground you will be able to connect these to a component/colorstream compatible TV.


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