no sound from speaker when trying to load games from tape and games are not loading

could this be a blown component like a diode or something? it must be something simple. any help would be appreciated as im sure it wouldnt be that hard to fix.
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  • Do you get any sound at all ?

    Try a BEEP 2 , 20 for instance to check

    My first thought is if you get sound that way then the issue is simply a duff ear socket perhaps. What speccy model is it ? More specifically I guess, is it one with a built in tape player or not ?
  • yes, i get sound. its a 48k + model.
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  • it was working and then just stopped.
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    Can you try another audio / tape cable ? or if you know how you can use a multimeter to check (with it removed from the speccy) for continuity with the lead, like the power leads they tend to break in the moulded plug area (original ones anyway)

    I'd say either the 'EAR' socket is duff or its internal contacts have splayed a bit or the tape lead itself is an issue.

    You *could* try the lead in the 'MIC' socket instead although (no Speccy to hand to try this! and I can't remember!) if it works that way or not, I think it may do in a fashion, Its worth a try though perhaps if you're stuck.
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  • no, ive checked all this. that is fine. ive tried both sockets. i think it must be a component.
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  • yeah, it looks like it might be bad sockets
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  • You (might) be able to bend the contacts back down as they might be accessible externally, although a new socket is only a few pence. I've only had one fail that I can recall and I just changed the socket back then.
  • Checked for cracked solder joints on the socket pcb pins? Might just need a reflow.
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