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EmuZWin Version 2.5 Release 2.2 post-FINAL (16-Oct-2004):
[-] A small pause added between TAP blocks while loading tape from .TAP image (otherwise some tape-disk copy progs could not work properly).
[*] Some improvements of file open dialog (Back/Forward in history, pressing char moves to a next file with correspondent name).
[*] Small change in work with joysticks: now these are captured only on switching joysticks on (Alt+J or Control | Joystick On), or if joysticks are set on permanently.
[-] A problem fixed with non-restoring usual mouse cursor when emulated prog uses mouse and reset Spectrum by itself (e.g. in result of Quit command in some disk commanders).
[-] Loading memory block in the Dubugger did not lead to update code listing immediately. Fixed.
[*] Small change in TR-DOS disk saving: now all the sectors are stored including containing all zeroes. There were possible problems with non-standard sized sectors.
[-] Loading files from Disk Browser via double-click or enter selected file in the catalog did not reset video page to 0. Fixed.
[-] Debugger was crashed when debugging step-by-step in 256 colors mode, fixed.
[-] A crush fixed which could occur when using Time 2 seconds back on some 256 colors games (with GFX Screen XOR buffer turned on, actually seems not used until now yet though).
[+] LoadFDI.dll, LoadTD0.dll are provided to load and save FDI, TD0 disk images (though TD0 is saved without compression).
[+] LoadZX.dll and LoadSP.dll are provided to load and save .ZX and .SP snapshots.
[*] Sprite Finder made available without switching to 256 Colors mode.
[-] Some fixes for 256 Colors mode emulation.
[+] Command line option /ESCEXIT added (if run with this option, ESCAPE exits the emulator immediately).

I assure Respected Users that development of new version does not stop, though and is slowed in view of my employment. I would not like to announce all the new features expected in version 2.6, but I enumerate it briefly: Covox, GS, RZX (possible), formats .UDI, .SLT, Net-Play. Estimated release of a version 2.6: December, 2004- February, 2005.
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    it's good to see that this great emulator is still getting updated. I do not have much time now , however when I did try the newest version a bug occurred while I was testing the GFX editor. I was scrolling the editor window and the program crushed, asking me if I wanted to send an error message to Micro$oft.I did try it quikly yesterday too before I went to sleep and after a couple of minutes the same thing happened.Everything else looks outstanding as usual.
    Thank you.

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    To explain things in the proper manner, let me put it this way:

    -- The error ALWAYS happens when--

    - Switch to 256 color mode( with or without any game loaded no difference )
    - Activate Gfx Editor
    - Enable option " View all ram banks "
    - Activate Sprite finder
    - Scroll Sprite finder window all the way to the bottom
    --> Program crushes and shots down

    Windows XP SP2, PentiumIV/2.80GHz, 512 MB ram , Nvidia Geforce 6800 GT

    The bug does not happen in previous version of EmuZwin.


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    Well, thank you for a report, Armando, it helped a lot. Fixed version (Build 2.3 post-fix) already available for download. I also found that in GFX Editor, button Edit Palette become invisible under XP, and I also fixed this.
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    I am glad to hear that.It's nice to get problems fixed.
    One minor thing though is that since I got I new computer I am using now a 17" Monitor at 1024x768, and at this resolution, the grid of the Gfx Editor is kind of small and makes it difficult to draw anything.
    Is there anyway to zoom on the editor or at least to change the dimension of the grid to make it easyer to work with ?( maybe some settings in the register )
    I did try some recoloring lately, but I just find it too difficult to see what's going on on the screen unless I stick my nose at two inches from the monitor....and that is not so healty.....
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    And more fixes for 256 Colors mode:

    Version 2.5 Release 2.4 (25-Oct-2004):
    [-] When the background was changed in 256 Colors mode, it was not redrawn internally until something else were changed in Spectrum screen. Fixed, and now background (Bnn) is changed immediately.
    [+] In the Palette Editor, Gamma editing added affecting entire palette.
    [*] Small changes in 256 Colors mode emulation, to prevent GFX data loosing during sprite rotation (AticAtack).
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    I see Atic Atac being mentioned in context with 256 colour games... are any new 256 colour games in "development" ? :) Haven't seen any new ones in ages...

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    I see Atic Atac being mentioned in context with 256 colour games... are any new 256 colour games in "development" ? :) Haven't seen any new ones in ages...
    Yes, I was answered about problems in some games( Exolon, Dizzy2, Atic Atac, MadMix2, Humprey ). I hope that he author of colozation will publish it after finishing, at least I asked him to do so.
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    Vladimir, I replied to your mail but it has bounced back. I have, therefore, sent you a private message. Please do check.
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    On 2004-10-24 08:41, Vladimir Kladov wrote:
    Fixed version (Build 2.3 post-fix) already available for download.
    Please exuse my ignorance, but where is it avalable for download? on World of Spectrum download page its still v2.2

    Thank you!

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    Direct link

    There`s also older versions available on the site, as a rule of thumb if people have a webpage, or anything to see/download then they`ll have the WWW icon below any of their posts :) That`s how I found it.

    It`s in the Apps section, and there`s also a lovely selection of other stuff.

    Vladimir, you must be very busy, as it seems you update EmuZWin very often... just downloaded your clock program from that site, and have to say it`s excactly what I`ve been wanting, i.e. the little analogue clock, but also needing, with the dropping programs to the tray... Im now able have many webpages up and drop them all there... very handy.

    Nice programs, both of them :)

    Nice news about 256 projects :)
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    Thank you very much!
    The site confused me first time, I thougth it was for developers only stuff...

    Ok, I've tryed the "v2.5 build 2.4 post fix"
    and noticed some problems with multicolor.
    For example "EyeAche" demo does not work properly, not only multicolor (its optimized for Pentagon) but some parts of it either "corrupted" or dont showed at all...
    It works just fine with v2.3
    Another thing I've experienced is crashing when I manualy resizing window (teasing, resizing back and forth by draggin by the edge)

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    Actually EyeAche works well with EmuZwin just like with other emulators , the only thing you should do is disable the GigaScreen emulation , and everything should be fine( I believe the gigascreen emulation is not even required for this demo)
    And reguarding the problem with streaching the screen causing a crush I don't know about that, but lately I have been using build 2.4 A LOT because I am doing a 256 color version of Cybernoid II and that kind of project requires a big amount of work( endless hours) and I have been streching the screen a lot to compare the new graphics with the WIP in the painting program and never had such a problem.
    What system are you running anyway ? That could help to find out the source of your trouble.

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    Actually I found that manual resize can crash the emulator, at least in the last build 2.4. So, I'll update it soon. Just want to finish one new improvement of the 256 Editor. I just usually use "Display size change" button so I could miss this undesirable bug earlier. May be it is for fast machines only (my pIV*2/3.2 is enough to get a crash), I did not test on slower machine for this bug.
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    Well, I finished changing it and upload an updated version on my site now:

    EmuZWin 2.5 Bld 2.5

    Version 2.5 Release 2.5? (30-Oct-2004):
    [-] DAA instruction fixed.
    [-] Manual resize could crash the emulator, fixed.
    [*] An option added AndMaskCF for 256 Colors mode emulation (AticAtac), to stop affecting this mode other 256 Color games (Knight Lore).
    [*] GFX Editor improved a bit: less flickering and faster drawing.
    [*] GFX Editor improved: Multi-Column edit mode added, to edit sprites, located in memory in columns rather then in lines.
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    Vladimir, I got your mail. Thanks for that. BTW, what's wrong with your mailbox? Is it filled to capacity by any chance? ;)
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    On 2004-10-31 05:30, q_armando wrote:
    Actually EyeAche works well with EmuZwin just like with other emulators , the only thing you should do is disable the GigaScreen emulation , and everything should be fine( I believe the gigascreen emulation is not even required for this demo)
    yes, that's was the problem :)

    btw, what is that "gigascreen" does?

    P.S. build 2.5 fixed the manual window resize crashing. :D
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    May I request something?
    I hope its already there and I'm just missing this feature - screenshots.
    Would be nice have a button that would save screenshots in .jpg or .bmp format something like most of the modern games do. With automatic naming, maybe with configurable "with/without" border...
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    Great fix this build 2.5 !!!!
    The GFX Editor is much better now with those little twiks here and there ,plus is much smoother to work with!
    I am still not able to do an important thing though :
    To work on Cybernoid II ( which unlike other still WIP games I am going to finish this time )I am actually copyng and paste the game graphics from the editor window to a decent paint program, and the whole process makes the results much better.
    However there is a small amount of data divided in 8x8 pixel sqare.
    Unfortunally there is no way to cut and copy small graphic data and the emulator just gives a message "copy failed".
    Or viceversa when I try to paste something into a memory location with 8 pixel whidth of size it says " No target found "
    Therefore there is no way for me to cut and copy that data and work on it.
    Is it a normal behaiver or is there a little fix needed ?
    I know it sounded intricate but I hope I explained myself clearly enought.
    Thanks for reading.


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    Actually now that I used it for a couple of hours the Gfx Editor did have some problems.
    At one point by resizing the window by pulling it from the side the content of the window became confused and there was no way to bring it back to normal. All the bytes did not make sense anymore.Aother time every byte disappeared and the screen got blank!!
    Don't know how to explain but I'll try to take a couple of screenshots.

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    "Target not defined" message means that a selection should be done to get know where to paste image.

    Waiting for screenshot for the second question, by e-mail or link. And say what way you get it.
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    Exaclty my point,
    I do the selection but when it's smaller that 9x9 pixel ( in other words when I try to cut and copy a 8x8 character size block of graphic) the program will say " copy failed" - same thing when I select an area of 8x8 bits and try to paste I got " no target difined to paste ".
    With the new function " multicolumn" enabled , sometimes I can copy and paste, sometimes not.
    And the multicolum option is kind of wrong.
    In fact when you disable it, and then enlarge the window you see again all the columns, even though the option is disabled.
    I had a program to take snapshot of the windows screen but not anymore, therefore I can't take a snapshot now, but tonighte I will look for one( maybe on your site :) ) and try to send you some images to show you what I mean.

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    Actually I got the sreenshots already.
    In the first one you can see the " copy failed " problem, in the second the " no target defined " and in the third you can see that even though the multicolum is disabled, by enlarging the screen you get again multicolumns.

    I can't post them here but I send them to your e-mail address.


    In the backgroung you can see the glorious 256 color version of Cybernoid II !! :)

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    Guys I am actually building a little site to host a few games that I have been working on and a few screen shots of wip projects.

    My I ask Vladimir, Arjun and the moderator of WOS to put a link to their site on mine ?

    I would appreciate that

    Thank you


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    Sure thing Armando. Wots the link though?

    Also, could you send me the Cybernoid screenshots so that I can add them to my site? I'll link the game file to your site though. Fair enough?
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    Quick fix uploaded on my site. Link is the same. EmuZWin v2.5 Bld 2.51. Only GFX Editor fixes.
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    Thank you Arjun,
    for now I will include your link to my site, along with EmuzWin and WOS , unless they decide otherweise.
    It's really just a small page with a few screen shots of WIP projects and a few downloadable ones.

    The Address is :

    And Cybernoid II is almost done, I am going to try the new fix to finish some of the graphics but you can find some pictures on my site.When I'll finish it in a couple of days I will certanly send it to you, your site is still the only one with every 256 color game available, while mine is just a little space to keep track of my work.That's why a link to your site is necessary :) .


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    mmm...guys, what about the "gigascreen" question? what is it?

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    when the speccy program (usually demo) switches video page each frame, this in most cases were made not only for case of buffered drawing but to get a special video-effect. If to draw two similar images in vidRam0 and vidRam1 but using different colors at the same places (e.g. yellow and red) and then to switch between it, you can get more colors and this could looking not bad on TV. One clever man discovered very simple change in Spectrum scheme, and he called it GigaScreen, which using no additional microshemes detects such switching and becomes mixing colors from vidRam0 and vidRam1, getting the same more-colors effect but totally without flicks (50 frames a second). Later some other demos were written by demo makers specially for using with such modification. So, this were "real hardware", though not standard. To view at it look demo Crazy Love (e.g.) and some other Euro-demos.

    Screen shots? You are really missing something :) File | Save screenshot (F5). With/without border, Stretched / not stretched, with autonaming...
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    Armando, Cybernoid 2 looks pretty good! Nice site too, although you may want to correct some spelling mistakes on the home page. ;)

    BTW, can you re-send me HotShots if you've completed it?

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    actually as it says on the page none of the games are completed, not even Hot shots.
    Thanks for pointing out the spelling mistakes, that proves I did not put too much attention to the site, I just wanted to get it done very quickly and after I complete Cybernoid 2 I will fix things, starting with the layout of the site and then finishing all uncompleted projects.
    I am studing different technics with different painting programs now as I go trough Cybernoyd 2, threrefore it's all a big slow experiment.After that , powered by latest releases of EmuZwin I should be able to go trough every game much faster and get all those WIP done.
    When I did Bruce Lee and Scooby Doo ( which I don't consider completed neither) I used to paint every single byte in the GFX Editor of EmuZwin, and at the time there where quite a few things that needed to be fixed.Therefore it took me ages to repaint those games and I always want to go back and give it a final touch.Now I cut& copy the graphics to different painting programs.And since with the latest fixes the GFX Editor is much more solid and faster, I should defenetly do that.

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