Little problem with AYmake

I have a little problem using aymake.

I want to convert a 48k's song, which needs to know the values of the registers. I know them, but I don't know how to tell aymake their values.

For example, suppose there were only three registers (to make the example shorter), named Aa, Bb and Cc. Their values are: #0011, #2233 and #4455 respectively. How do I tell aymake?

I tried many ways:
Areg=#00 #22 #44

(The same would apply to LowReg).

Anybody can help me?

Two more things.
First, with my copy of AYplay (v 0.31) I can't convert ay files to voc files. I just get a 33 bytes long file with the header of the voc file only. Does it happen to any more, or is just me? (maybe I should ask James McKay).

Second, where should I send my ay files to join the Project AY? I checked they don't exist on the music database 0.6. There are other sites where ay files could be?

Thanx in advance...
Radical P.C.
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    As far as I understand it, you can only supply one value using Areg, and this value will be given to all high-byte registers - likewise with LowReg.
    To get around this, you can add a short piece of machine code (just a couple of LD instructions) just before the start of the music code to set the registers to the appropriate values.

    Matthew Westcott
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    Thanx! I will try it.
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