Hello Spectrum game fans,

It's been a while, but I've got a new AGDx game uploaded. It's called PROSPECTOR, and it's an action platformer with shooting and puzzle solving. Your ammo is limited--and some foes will steal it from you--so you'll have to choose each shot carefully!

In the frozen wilds of British Columbia, you're searching for your lost work crew. You should have believed the townsfolk when they told you that abandoned mine was cursed...

Download: HERE

(click on thumbnail for full image)

Notes: I very nearly ran out of space, so there isn't any music (or even a loading screen). I hope the gameplay and visuals are enough to distract you from the lack of music. Put on a John Carpenter soundtrack album, or something equally foreboding and you should be fine. :) Because the sound effects are all 48k beeps, I've included a version without sound for movement, as I'm still not sure that won't drive me batty over time. It makes for a quieter experience, but that might be what you want.

I'll be checking this post fairly often over the next few days, so if you come across any issues, or have any requests, I'll try to address them ASAP.


My other games can be found here: AMCGames
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  • Hi, your game looks great!

    I just want to say that there were lots of games released this week, as well as me having some backlogs, I can't check the game in the next few days. So I can't help you with comments soon.

    Still, well done.
  • Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

    And I hear you on so many great games out. Now that I'm done this I can go play other people's games, finally. :)
  • Scary, explorey, lovely!

    I am currently stuck just after having
    , but I feel I will make it out!

    Congrats on the release!
  • Finished it!

    Scary, explorey, lovely and... devilish, I will add! :P

    Can't wait for part 2!
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    FYI, in case people are getting stuck, some monsters require multiple hits before they die.

    e.g. White yeti have four hit points.
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  • will agdx ever have a 2 or 4 way scrolling method, or is this too much to ask?
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  • I was just trying to play this, I must say it is a bit hard for me...

    I will try it again some later time. :)
  • Timmy wrote: »
    I was just trying to play this, I must say it is a bit hard for me...

    I will try it again some later time. :)

    I'm sorry to hear it was too hard! It's difficult to gauge how hard games are, so I usually try to make it easy enough for me to be able to finish it, but hard enough so even I don't beat it every single time. I appreciate it when I can get feedback from play-testers, but it's usually a smaller group of people to draw from, and most are pretty good at these kinds of games.

    I've thought about releasing a no-kill version, which would allow players to see the game even if they don't want to or can't navigate the levels. There was an indie platformer from a few years ago called Vvvvvv, and they had a mode like this, specifically for people with physical disabilities which kept them from doing more complex movements.

    Anyway, thank you for the feedback! My goal is to make games that are fun and enjoyable, so it's important to me to know when they might be pushing back too hard on players.
    digital wrote: »
    will agdx ever have a 2 or 4 way scrolling method, or is this too much to ask?

    I think there's some work being done on scrolling. If it can be done, I trust the AGD/AGDx folks to find a way! :)
  • Status Update: I've uploaded Prospector version 1e to the AMCgames Dropbox.

    This will be the last update for the time being, as I work on music and more for the Deluxe 128 version. I've tweaked gameplay and a few of the screens, and fixed a couple of glitches, and I think the changes make for a far more exciting version of the game (especially for the mini-boss and boss screens!).

    If you host the game anywhere online, please update to this version, or link directly to the Dropbox if you'd like.

    Until next time, here's some video of the update mini-boss battle.

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    Hi mate,
    I see that all versions from v1b to v1f have NO movement beeps (besides "Prospector-v1-NoMvmtBeeps.tap", of course).
    The only version with movement beeps is "Prospector-v1.tap".
    But v1 is older than v1f.
    Did you decide to definitely remove the movement beeps in the later releases (v1b..v1f) ??

    Also, the three alternate versions have no movement beeps.
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  • Wow , looks great , love seeing original ideas
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