TTFn Zx Computing '128 printer toolkit'

I toke a dive in TTF and found an Untyped prog which SAYS to be about rs232, but it AINT
its actualy 3 progs and with NO1 i already have 'problems'

the basic type-in
the INPUT routine just pokes printer values at the adres of the hl POINTER !!
thats only 2 bytes but the BASIC ACCEPTS 50 BYTES AT AROW ...
did ANYONE ever used or checked this prog??

the manual written ASM, from the FUSE debugger

ofcourse i make (many?) mistakes my self but did ZX COMPUTING ever do a CHECK
or is there an errata page some where ?

the other 2 listings, not tested, only once checked
my old website has changed to so just click it and select a file


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