TTFn recovery phase

7th March 2019

Checked the Status Highlight (see Notes on homepage for colour codes) for all 158 contributions currently residing in the "backlogged" list, and updated where necessary. I've checked that each one has a matching pair of entries (for the Title & Issue lists). I'll start working through the backlog after I've tidied up the graphics in Bertie Bishop: The Mission.

I'm not able to give a reliable estimate for a completion date for clearing the backlog, due to the PD messing up things every day, but I'll post some stats every so often to show what progress is being made. New contributions are still welcome at any time, but they won't get dealt with until after the backlog is no more. (Definitely more than one month; hopefully not more than three.)

Crumbs, it's me birfday on Monday an'all. I'll finally have the same number of years as my Spectrum has kbytes.
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