IF1 LAN sockets

I finally put my hands on a couple IF1's... I have a couple questions about the network sockets, however. First of all, are you supposed to stick "mono" (2 lines) or "stereo" (3 lines) jacks in the sockets? Then, there are 2 sockets, does it matter at all where you plug the cable in, if you are connecting, say, 2 computers? I am assuming not. And finally, are the cable "crossed", in some way, or are they just "straight"? I mean,
do you connect line 1 to line 1 and line 2 to line 2, or do you cross them? If it's anything similar to an ethernet, they should not be crossed (and two lines would do it), but I don't know... I hope some of you (who maybe owns the original cable, so he can test it for me...) knows the answer!

Thanks in advance.
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    In any IF1 network there must be two 'free' sockets (see below)
    Suspect the cable is mono but i'd never put it in writing.

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    I suppose it does not matter which sockets are left free... I have figured out that it is mono jacks, and not crossed.
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    WOS holds a copy of the IF1 manual, in which your questions gets
    answered, AFAIR.
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