Elusive Strategy Games done by the Smaller or less Prolific Software Houses.

Most ZX Sinclair Spectrum War/Strategy games were produced by CCS , PSS or Lothlorien . I am trying to get a list of all the other ones. This is what I have so far:-

1) Baron (Templeton Software) 1984
2) Bismark (Argus) 1984
3) Conquest (Cheetahsoft) 1984
4) Great Fire of London (Rabbit) 1985
5) Invasion (Bulldog) 1987
6) Strategy 1 Invasion (ASP 1983
7) Superpower (Howard Marketing) 1984
8) Video Salesman (Virgin) 1983
9) Vikings (Challenge)
10) War Game ,The (Reelax) 1984.

There must be loads more ... Any suggestions?


  • Viking Raiders by Firebird (early era Firebird) Not a small software house but they weren't really known for strategy games
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    Yes of course. Thanks for that.

    11) Viking Raiders (Firebird)
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  • Battle of Britain - Microgame Simulations 1983. This was one of only two programs released by the above company.

    Their Finest Hour - Century Communications 1985. Century mainly released books.

  • Yes I should have remembered these . I think I saw my first on TV screen "moving pixels" on the Microgame BOB game . I was amazed .

    12) Battle of Britain (Microgame Simulations) 1983
    13) Their Finest Hour (Century) 1985.

    And I have not listed all the Juiian Gallop games . Would Chaos count ? And all the Rebelstar ones probably would be fine in this category
  • New wheels John by Automata is simply brilliant
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    Thanks for that one . I need to update this list as it is doing so well.
  • Carrier Command sort of qualifies
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    Thanks for that . I will put it on the list.
  • Does Laser Squad qualify then? (And Rebelstar etc...)
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    Yes I think so . There are quite a few like this like Laser Squad and Rebel Star Raiders and variations.
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    Reply to retromad

    Thanks for that . Good to get input on this.And yes ARCHON counts as it is chess derived (I seem to remember) .Maybe some "sub groups" can be thought up for this category? I will not get all of them first go but here are a few ideas :-

    1) Business and management strategy games

    2) Strategic War Games with a historical bent

    3) Strategic games derived from strategic board games

    4) Fantasy Strategy "conflict" Games

    5) Strategic "simulation oriented" conflict games

    Games from the "major " companies (CCS ,PSS ,Lothlorien) not needed to be included as most of them are just "deemed" to be included anyway.The idea is to catch the "outliers" from the other, sometimes small, outfits.
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    Maybe category (3 Strategy Board Games) should not be a priority for this thread as it is more or less a separate "big group" all on its own and pretty popular in its own right ( so no danger of these -chess and similar titles) not being noticed) S o this should make it more manageable and I suppose there is a "grey area" with no 5) the simulation oriented strategy games
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    I have found a marginal one from category 5) Strategic but simulation oriented

    It is called "Sailing" by Mastertronic . I have had this title for years but have never played it .Currently it is in my "TZX failed" pile

    This link is interesting:-


    It shows a similar approach being taken to categorization but I notice that "They Stole A Million" is categorized differently by the WOS archive
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  • And I finally thought of GUADALCANAL by Activision
  • Just noticed

    Strategy 3d :Quicksilva
    Strategy 8 : Nite Owl (MIA)
  • Apocalyse (Red Shift )
    Lords of Chaos (Blade Software)
    Lords of Chaos - Expansion Kit 1 (Blade)
    Laser Squad (Blade)
    Laser Squad Remix (Blade)
    Laser Squad Expension Kit One (Blade)
    Rebelstar II (Silverbird)
    Rebel Star Raiders (Redshift)
    Rebel star Collection (Mythos Games)
    D Day (Games Workshop)
    Space Crusade (Gremlin Graphics)

    There is a list of 5 potential "strategic" categories above . I have added another here:-
    6) Sport Management . Although this could be said to be "strategic" in a sense , there is a case for including it "in theory". But "in practice," as it is a separate sub genre all on its own , it is perhaps too big an area to be included here. So it will not be included.

  • Budget title 'Feud' has strategy elements; but it's not a strategy game.
    Finding ingredients, deciding what spells to create does allow the player to engage in a bit of strategic planning
  • There was another publisher, ASP Software, like MC Lothlorien. They produced passable strategy games and rubbish arcade games in 83/84.

    However they did produce :

    Strategy 1 - Invasion

    Which is only voted 4.6 on WOS but its rather fun.

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    Yup , I picked that one up .It is no 6) on the list above in the first para. Thanks for pointing out that that technically ASP were separate from Lothlorien . I am not sure how they are connected . There could be some others they did .

    Is this list largely finished now or are there some more hidden away? I reckon there are probably still a few more "out there"

    Another sub category has just sprung to mind :So there is now category 7 for strategy games with actual physical game boards:-

    7) Strategic games with actual Physical Boards . Mostly with these games the computer element was about "score keeping " or some other aspect of game organisation . Here is a link to the thread about these games:-


    So this means that Tank Attack and ATRAM can be added to the strategic list (but not the Brain Clough game as it is a sport game)
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  • Another Sub Category .

    The decision about what to include is very subjective . I have decided to include TACTICAL COMBAT purely because it has some unusual games

    Sub Category 8 . Tactical Combat . An example is "Warsaw Pact vs NATO: Apocalypse" (Larri Group , Russia) 1999

  • I have just come across this good but rare one . It is a "proper" management title called "Boardroom" by Wessexsoft -MA Lovell 1985 .
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    And not forgetting "Inkosi" by Chalksoft . And Supremacy (DJ Morris) 1991
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  • Evil Crown (ASP)
    Dictator (Dktronics)
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    The Battle of Kulikovo (WE) 1994 .

    Here is some info:-

    Other games:-
    Battleships (Encore) 1988
    Ships (J Cichorski) 1984
    Asset Stripper (Pan) 1984
    Armagedon Man , The (Martech) 1987
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  • Samurai was given away free with an issue of YS (can't remember which one) i think i still have my copy. One of the few games i completed.
    We must perform a quirkafleeg
  • Thanks for that . I think it was a CRL one
    I thought this job was nearly done at one point , but then a new "rich seam" of strategy games was found. Some of these need emulators to get the right type of Speccy clone for them to work :-

    Sea War (Panda)
    Sea Fight (V. Minevsky) 1995
    Sea Action (ZX Studio) 1885

    These were quite easy to find , so I have high hopes that there could be many more.
  • Stonkers (Imagine)

  • Nato Assault (Astros)
    Nebula (Red Shift) 1984
    War Game ( Editoriale Video) 1984
    War Game (Micro Hobby) 1985
    Wheeler Dealer (Mr Chip software)
    Subbuteo (Electric Zoo) 1990
  • You might also consider High Frontier from Activision, and there is also the Lord Of Midnight and Shadowfire games from Beyond.
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