New Version of MAME Emulator out with enhancements on Spectrum-Emulation

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New Version 0.216 of MAME Emulator out with enhancements on Spectrum Emulation:

"ZX Spectrum emulation has been enhanced with better open bus read behaviour and support for two Miles Gordon Technology peripherals."
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  • Today new Version 0.217 of MAME Emulator out with enhancements in Spectrum and Sam Coupe Emulation:

    "On the home system side, there are some nice Sam Coupé improvements from TwistedTom"
    "For front-end developers, we’ve added data to the XML list format allowing you to handle software lists enabled by slot card devices (there are a few of these for Acorn and Sinclair home computers)."
  • Is n e 1 converting mame for the next b nice no? Specially if it used the hardware scrolling n sprites...
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    Today new Version 0.221 of MAME Emulator out with:

    ICEknight contributed a cassette software list for the Timex NTSC variants of the Sinclair home computers
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    Today new Version 0.221 of MAME Emulator out with:

    ICEknight contributed a cassette software list for the Timex NTSC variants of the Sinclair home computers

    Just checked the whatsnew.txt file and scrolled down to timex_cass:
    So, those are all programs and games that do work in the NTSC Timex?
    Going to try some.

    Thanks, it's always good to know.
  • were rom cartridges (interface-1 and timex clones) and joysticks (kempston and alike) removed from mame? why?
  • Nope, but you have to connect them.

    To use a IF2, you need have to:
    - Start MAME
    - Press Scroll Lock, then Tab.
    - Go to menu Slot Devices. Here you can connect the interfaces to your spectrum.
    - If you choose an Interface 2, you'll have another slot (the cartridge slot). Put your cartridge here.
    - Then, press Esc until you return to your spectrum. Don't forget to press Scroll Lock again to make your keyboard work as the ZX Spectrum one.

    (Other interfaces like IF1 offer a expansion slot so you can daisy-chain interfaces, another interfaces like Disciple have buses to connect disk drives).

    Also, you can make a (very) long command to start mame with everything connected.
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    Well, some of it was true!
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    Today new Version 0.222 of MAME Emulators is out with following Changes in Spectrum-Emulation as can be found in:

    -ZX-Spectrum Beta-disc FDCs: modernize/fix FDD motor control [MetalliC]
    -spectrum/beta.cpp add most of known clone ROMs [MetalliC]
    -spectrum.cpp: add Didaktik D40/D80 disk interface [MetalliC]
    -spectrum: Added prototype set []
    -wd_fdc.cpp set BUSY during initial restore to make it correctly interruptable [MetalliC]
    -spectrum/beta.cpp add original TR-DOS v4.12 firmware [Luzie]
    -wd_fdc.cpp: a bit improve HLD/HLT handling, fix FD1771 timings and enable spinup_on_interrupt [MetalliC]
    -wd_fdc.cpp: accept new commands while in busy state, workaround for spurious recursive calls if HLD used for drive motor control,
    don't change track and data registers during reset [MetalliC]
    -ZX-Spectrum Beta-disk interfaces improvements, all V2-V5 models should work fine now [MetalliC]
    -spec128.cpp remove old hacks, misc minor notes (nw) [MetalliC]
    -beta128.cpp start documenting clone firmwares (nw) [MetalliC]
    -Software list updates [ICEknigh7]
    * specpls3_flop.xml: Added more disk images, some of which were previously missing from the internet due to them being considered
    "Distribution Denied".
    [Antonio M, Fede Jerez, Gorski, Jaime Gonzalez Soriano, Jose Manuel, Marino Arribas, Metalbrain, robcfg, Simon Owen, Syx, Zup,
    TZX Vault]
    * spectrum_cass: Added verified dump of Load'N'Run (Spain) (Especial) [Manu128k]


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  • Newest MAME 0.226 this time without changes in Speccy-Emulation, but with important changes for support of multiple keyboards:

    there’s a change that affects all systems with keyboard inputs, including most computers. MAME now allows you to activate and deactivate keyboard and keypad inputs per emulated device in the Keyboard Mode menu. When a system has multiple keyboards (for example a computer with a terminal connected to a serial port), you can choose which keyboard you want to type on rather than effectively typing on all the keyboards at once. If a system has multiple devices with keyboard inputs, MAME will start with only one enabled by default. Sadly, MAME doesn’t have mind-reading capabilities yet, so it may not always choose the keyboard you want to type on. If you find you can’t type on an emulated computer, check that the right keyboard is enabled in the Keyboard Mode menu.
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