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I am trying to contact Adban de Corcy (Fabián Álvarez), the author of beautiful Jet Set Willy games Willy's Afterlife, A Bulgarian Requiem and Madam Blavskja's Carnival Macabre. I don't think the e-mail addresses he used back in 2002 work any more.

Fabián, if you read this message, please get in touch with me, via a PM on this forum or by e-mail - my address is here ("jetsetdanny" at "the name of a well-known webmail provider"). I have an important message for you regarding one of your games.

If anyone knows how I can contact Adban de Corcy (like his current e-mail), please let me know.

Thank you.



  • First of all, apologies for having posted this thread in a wrong section. When I was posting my previous message, I was convinced it would get posted in the Announcements section.

    Anyway, I managed to contact Fabián (via a Spanish website unrelated to the ZX Spectrum - apart from creating JSW games he is also a writer) before the release of "Madam Blavskja's Carnival Macabre 48K", a (slightly enhanced) port of his 128K game to 48K.

    Should anyone wish to contact him, his two current e-mail addresses can be found in Section XIV of the Readme included in the ZIP file with said game, which can be downloaded freely e.g. from here.
  • Here he is...


    oh no sorry wrong De Corcey...
    Might be worth a visit to
  • Luny wrote: »
    Here he is...

    I love a bit of Nookie...

    I wanna tell you a story 'bout a woman I know...
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