A game to port to... to make for... ZX Spectrum ?

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Hey there,

I'm a game coder on Commodore computers (C64,CPlus/4,VIC20,Amiga) and I loooove the ZX Spectrum.
I grew up with Commodore and discovered the charms of Speccy many many years later.
I have even already ported some ZX games I like to the Commodore platforms ( see https://majikeyric.itch.io/ ).

Now I want to make games for the Speccy , my knowledge of Z80 and Spectrum architecture are good.

I like porting games from a platform to another,
is there a (not to big) game from C64,CPlus/4,VIC20.... you would want to see ported to the Speccy ? that of course doesn't already exist....

If there are people around with graphic skills and game idea they would want to implement, PM me and explain me your project, that really might interest me.

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