Infoseek titles

Over the next week or so, I will be switching off the infoseek games list and putting in a temporary set of pages.

These pages will be using the current WoS data for the time being, however that will also be all change shortly.

Why the changes?

As well as the known issues that have been identified resulting in resolved MIA entries, and new MIA entries to be added, there are other issues being resolved. In some cases, the budget release shows as being first, some features missing, etc..

Also, to take one game as an example, live & let die - this shows disk & tape versions as original release, yet only one barcode. With the new data, this will show as two different versions. Each version will have it's own set of files - so instead of downloading a title, you will download a version.

There are several reasons for this - we will be adding hi-res inlays - so each version will have it's own inlays shown. Also, there are versions with different features - such as lightgun only, then one with kempston - these will show as different versions too.

We also know that there are some titles that have different version numbers themselves - these will also be listed.

Finally, we have screenshots. We will be allowing ALL screenshots for a title to be submitted. However - for a Spansih release, the screenshots will be different as the text would be different in the screenshots.

Clearly this has been a mammoth task - but I am assured we are almost there with this stage!
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