Manic Miner (light modification)


This project was a small try to make something different. I would like to present in old-fashion magazine style. I hope you will like :)


Fan page of MANIC MINER

Here is a special modification of your favourite game what makes you a REAL Miner! Just a little time and you can try and enjoy!

*** DO NOT FORGET, you have to own an original Manic Miner cassette ***

First step is the hardest, type this small program and if ready just RUN. If you type-in well it will save a program code. Use an empty cassette to record it for any time if you want to play again later.
10 LET C=0
20 FOR F=1 TO 393
40 POKE 37723+F,A
50 LET C=C+A
70 IF C=38442 THEN GO TO 100
100 SAVE "MMCODE" CODE 37724,393
200 DATA 33,0,88,17,1,88,1,255,1,117,237,176,14,254,237,121
210 DATA 201,42,108,128,17,67,0,183,237,82,1,255,0,17,221,91
220 DATA 183,237,82,56,35,183,17,32,0,237,82,17,253,91,56,43
230 DATA 17,96,1,183,237,82,17,93,93,56,51,17,32,0,183,237
240 DATA 82,17,125,93,56,59,24,76,25,205,15,148,205,15,148,205
250 DATA 109,148,205,109,148,205,109,148,195,66,148,25,205,15,148,205
260 DATA 109,148,205,109,148,205,109,148,205,109,148,195,66,148,25,205
270 DATA 66,148,205,109,148,205,109,148,205,109,148,205,109,148,195,66
280 DATA 148,25,205,66,148,205,109,148,205,109,148,205,109,148,205,109
290 DATA 148,195,15,148,25,205,66,148,205,109,148,205,109,148,205,109
300 DATA 148,205,15,148,195,15,148,124,214,4,87,93,125,198,3,230
310 DATA 31,235,201,205,3,148,254,3,56,2,6,0,35,254,2,56
320 DATA 2,6,0,35,6,0,44,6,0,44,6,0,44,254,30,48
330 DATA 2,6,0,35,254,29,48,2,6,0,35,254,28,48,2,6
340 DATA 0,33,32,0,25,201,205,3,148,254,3,56,1,112,35,254
350 DATA 2,56,1,112,35,112,44,112,44,112,44,254,30,48,1,112
360 DATA 35,254,29,48,1,112,35,254,28,48,1,112,33,32,0,25
370 DATA 201,58,106,128,230,1,202,171,148,205,3,148,254,3,56,2
380 DATA 54,1,35,19,235,254,2,56,4,237,160,24,2,35,19,237
390 DATA 160,237,160,237,160,235,254,30,48,2,54,1,35,19,254,29
400 DATA 48,1,112,35,19,254,28,48,1,112,33,25,0,25,201,205
410 DATA 3,148,254,3,56,1,112,35,19,254,2,56,1,112,35,19
420 DATA 54,1,35,19,235,237,160,237,160,254,30,48,4,237,160,24
430 DATA 2,35,19,254,29,48,4,237,160,24,2,35,19,235,254,28
440 DATA 48,2,54,1,33,25,0,25,201
Next step is checking which version of Manic Miner you have.

Bug-Byte Software or Software Projects ?

Type MERGE "" and start your tape recorder. After loading the BASIC part, stop the tape.

Type LIST to see the loader.

If you see 10 CLEAR 30000, you have Bug-Byte version otherwise that is maybe Software Projects product. There are some published by another company but those are only different in the BASIC part, the game is same to one of them (if not working, try the other version).

Now you know everything, lets' the work begins!

Type the CLEAR 30000 or CLEAR 24310 depend on what you see on the BASIC list.

Type LOAD "" CODE and start the tape. If the screen has loaded, stop the tape.

Type LOAD "" CODE and start the tape. If the game has loaded, stop the tape.

Type LOAD "" CODE and load your earlier saved code.

Only some pokes and you will play!

Type the following commands (only from your column). Don't forget, press Enter after every POKE command.

Bug-Byte Software

POKE 34760,58
POKE 34761,90
POKE 34762,132
POKE 34763,183
POKE 34764,204
POKE 34765,109
POKE 34766,147
POKE 34767,0
POKE 34768,0
POKE 34769,0
POKE 34770,0

POKE 34559,205
POKE 34560,92
POKE 34561,147
POKE 34562,0

POKE 35089,117

POKE 37023,117

Software Projects

POKE 34766,58
POKE 34767,90
POKE 34768,132
POKE 34769,183
POKE 34770,204
POKE 34771,109
POKE 34772,147
POKE 34773,0
POKE 34774,0
POKE 34775,0
POKE 34776,0

POKE 34565,205
POKE 34566,92
POKE 34567,147
POKE 34568,0

POKE 35095,117

POKE 37034,117


Start the game, type RANDOMIZE USR 33792

You will recognize, nothing is same as before ...

Thanked by 2spider DavidB


  • :) Great stuff. Works really well. Built both a SP and BB variant! :D
  • Spider was kind and made the TZX files, you can download here:

    Many thanks Spider :)
  • Thats very nice indeed. Though jumping over the robot on screen 1 was hard enough anyway.
  • I do have several "schools of thought" on some minor ( miner? :D ) improvements without too much change, although one potentially complex idea did appear in the jswmm topic about it.

    Regarding the small ideas, all things being equal I'll try to post here once I've had time to decide the best way to proceed, I've already tested them and they work, its a question of either offering some kind of choices or offering multiple files, bearing in mind there's already a BB and an SP variant as I wanted to build both as the mod author provided details for both so it seemed only right.
  • As a sidenote there were a few good sensible ideas/comments posted both on the 'World of M.W' FB group and the jswmm topic. :)

    The most popular (and sane) idea is simply to increase the visible area by one or two blocks. In theory this may not take too much to do.

    The other idea of the cavern remaining lit (areas that had been 'seen') but in blue are nice but potentially quite annoying/tricky to code in without a lot of work.
  • Nice feature indeed. Hats (obviously with a Miner's lamp!) off for this.
    No one important.
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