Comparing the old and new site design - my feedback



  • Can't find old "Top 100 games" section, ноpe it will return someday.
  • Most - if not all of those can be done. I'll get onto them later.

    Hope you won't forget! :-)
  • Lee Bee wrote: »
    Most - if not all of those can be done. I'll get onto them later.

    Hope you won't forget! :-)

    I might have forgotten...

    Ok, done most. I can't move some filters and not others because it looks terrible (it actually works by copying footer searches into the filter).

    If I make columns hidden, it removes them from the filter too - this is because I'm using datatables

    If you look at the generated code, it creates a <th> tag to account for the sorting. Trying to merge that with a filter, with the CSS looks terrible as the copied footer needs to be in a <th> to work too. I've had a play tonight and couldn't get it looking right & working at the same time. I'll go through the docs again and see if I can do something else.
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  • Ok, done most.
    Brilliant, cheers! I can see the text has been made a little smaller and colours changed, looks good IMHO.

    A few further issues…

    1. Green line a bit strong?
    I like the pure green line under the headings, but it may be a little strong for an information table? It's your call but I'd use the same green as everywhere else (#4bc229).

    2. Selected column - text colour
    For the selected column, you replaced only the title with the stronger blue text (#0063cb). I still think the whole column needs that stronger blue.

    3. Selected column - gaps colour
    I dunno if it's possible but could you somehow make the gap between cells = #ecf3fb?

    These three colour changes would look like this:

    And finally…

    4. Game title column too narrow
    The game title column tends to get all squashed up, with game titles running into multiple lines. That's a shame as this is the most important focal point of the entire page. I mean, the "Re-releases" column has more width- and that's empty!

    Here's how it currently looks:


    If you were to...
    a) Use Open Sans Condensed Bold for the column headers
    b) Force the Title and Publisher columns to 21% and 16% of the table width
    Then maybe it could look more like this…


    Note how 1 Line Space Trader now sits on… ahem… 1 line! :))

    Anyway, it's your call, as always these are humble suggestions! :-)
  • The text colours can be changed - but then they aren't obviously links. It probably won't matter much.
    Column widths are calculated by datatables, and responsive - it looks like they are limited on larger tables to the header width - that's why re-releases is larger than title. I'll take a look. It bugs me too.
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  • Try now
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  • You beauty! :-) Great job! Looks great!

    =D> =D> =D>

    And 1 Line Space Trader is now… one line!
  • As for the links in the selected column… I see what you mean, but they're still blue so hopefully it will be obvious. Maybe ask others' opinions?

    I have noticed that those links don't seem to change colour on rollover so that needs fixing.

    Also, the change from blue to green when you rollover links - I find it a little unsatisfying and hard to see, since the two colours are the same brightness. How about an underline when you rollover links? I personally find underlines more immediate and satisfying. But underlines don't seem to be as popular these days, and I am quite old-fashioned :\">
  • I've just noticed the (new?) 'page not found' message. That is truly genius!
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