Blocked by spam? (and other issues)

So I was thinking about games mods, and I started to check Manic Miner / Jet Set Willy derivatives. At first, I tried to check it on my tablet (Android 5). I could see the titles but not any details.

Then, I've tried on my PC (Windows 10 + Firefox 77 + uBlock + NoScript). After looking a couple of titles, I looked for Manic Miner titles and opened a few of them on different tabs. None of them opened, showing this message:
Access forbidden [ 403 ]

You don't have permission to view this site
Reason: Spam.
Blocked until 19 Jun 2030 16:23:50

What has happened?

BTW, I was trying to find if it shows if a game is a mod of another one. Also I was wondering if a given game (i.e.: Manic Miner) has links that show any mod available.
I was there, too
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