Notification cleanup

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Not really an issue at all, merely a small suggestion, please don't read it as negative. :) :)

I note I have pages and pages of notifications, I do realise that most of those are down to preference but I don't subscribe to forums only to topics I have an interest in (note: not every topic I post in)

A look shows I have currently 73 pages of notifications dating back to June 2015 :D

Now, unless I missed it, there's no 'clear / delete' , if nothing else for user tidyness, but "no delete" is not a problem.

My suggestion: A cron or similar to remove notifications over x time period, even if that's say set at 30-90 days or a year. Ultimately, users can elect to have email rather than 'inline/onboard' notifications if they wanted to.

Do realise its probably not in reality taking up -that- much db space depending on how they are being stored though, serialized array perhaps. :)
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