Editing Amstrad tape files

I did pose this question on one of the Amstrad groups on FB , I picked one that was not just full of nonsense or sales but never had a reply after a week, on reflection I probably should of asked here first!

What if anything tool-wise (real-mode DOS is OK if necessary as is Linux, but Win preferred really) is suitable to correctly edit unprotected .cdt files ? In theory you -can- easily rename and edit them with ZXBlockEditor and this works however it does not calculate the CRC correctly, resulting in a 'read error b' , roughly translated 'CRC Error!' , it does work correctly on a custom loader however in some cases but on the default typical 2067 byte length 'blocks' loader it fails.

I did try that 'CDT-View' tool too but that was just the same.

I may have to join one of the Amstrad forums I guess but figured there are bound to be some CPC464/6128 owners here!

Thanks for any info / suggestions etc. :)


  • Kevin Thacker is the man to ask, he's the number 1 authority on all things CPC. Not sure where you'll find him these days though.
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    Thanks. :)

    Forgot to mention I did try another 'Amstrad specific' type of Windows tool but the effect was broadly the same. I don't know enough about the system in general to be able to say do what I'd do with the Speccy, load in a block (or hack it in somehow) , modify it then save it back out again. Must read up on the tape format technicalities, but I'm half convinced there must be a tool to do this type of thing already.

    Not in any rush as it was something I was looking at months ago, more a question of as/when.

    One thing, if you park the CPC464 next to a +2/+3 , the speccy looks quite small in comparison! :D

    EDIT... Daft to say but I did search for this type of question quite a bit (a while back I'll admit) and the only links/pages I found usually directed towards one of the tools I'd tried. Its not 'game specific' either so its not some odd protection system, any standard tape really.
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  • Asking on cpcwiki is probably your best bet, but tape emulation is very much considered a second rate medium in general on the CPC. Most tools there tend to focus on the far more prevalent, and useful, disk formats.
  • Thanks. :)

    Oh I'd agree the disk is more useful but I remain a tape fan (unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately) ;))
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