The Effect of the Lockdown on Speccy Game Prices.

Take a look at this , a Speccy board game for £102:-

This inflation effect is caused by people having loads more time to spend at home . It applies right across the board to a broad range of leisure related goods . Sellers who sell "leisure" related physical goods will do well out of it . And so it applies to all kinds of Speccy stuff . I think I have seen this mentioned elswhere on this forum (I think it was someone who had observed these Speccy related price increases and was asking for confirmation that others had noticed it as well , but I cannot remember where I saw it )

Big price increases mean that it is going to be a more expensive hobby in the future for new entrant buyers ( and there will be some hopefully) but also good for sellers . I suppose another upside is that it will ensure a profitable (as opposed to a stagnant) market in Speccy goods and these sellers will also need a "catalogue" like reference point -aka known as MIA! (so it should indirectly be good for WOS I think)


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