Oure Dawn of Hope

My copy of Oure Dawn of Hope has never managed to load. At best I get 1/3 of the loading screen and then I get a loading error. The tape signal itself sounds just fine to me and most of my old tapes load just fine, so it's puzzling that a game from 2018(?) doesn't work.

Does anyone have this game in any format? A simple snapshot would be nice as I'd just like to play the game (on original hardware via tzx player or divide, so any format would be ok).

I did digitize the tape (with Audacity) and tried various filters but couldn't get the game to work.
I also downloaded maketzx (2006 version, is there a newer one?) and tried converting the wav file to tzx (never attempted to convert anything to tzx before) and I get the following error:
Block 1 => Program: Oure Dawn - Header: Length= 17, Pause=1003ms.
Block 2 =>
- Line= 10, Length= 82, Pause=1005ms.
Block 3 => Bytes: Oure Hope - Header: Length= 17, Pause=1010ms.
Block 4 =>
F Chk=ERR (212), Length= 1786, Pause=1ms.

Would anyone more knowledgeable than me be interested taking a shot at attempting to "clean up" my wav file (it does sound good to me) and/or trying to convert the audio to tzx? Or if anyone has any good pointers what tricks to do to the audio, then feel free to educate me.


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