ZXAV - Audio/Visual Sequencer for the ZX Spectrum


I released my latest project, ZXAV, other the weekend. It's an audio/visual sequencer intended for jamming and live performance. Use it to create visual-effect and audio tracks (with separate audio tracks for melody, bass and drums) and then jam with them live.

It needs 48k of RAM and an AY. It's easiest to run it on a stock 128 or better, but it'll run on a 48 with an appropriate AY interface attached.


The whole thing was done in 4096 bytes as a size-coding challenge to myself, but it's pretty fully-featured. There are a few features that I had to limit to get it all to fit, but only one or two that I actually had to cut out altogether.

There's a trailer video up on Vimeo -> https://vimeo.com/441426262

You can download it form here -> http://atebit.org/prod.php?prodId=430


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