MIA: Super Software Pack (Compilation) - Spartan Software

Submited through the site aswell, but not sure it works, as it was very fast uploading the file, but I'll probably hear from them I hope. Here for the freaks to download and play with before it goes online :-) Probably only the Breakout game that is worth spending time on :-)

Full Title: Super Software Pack
Also known as: Software Library Tape
Year: 1983
Company: Spartan Software
Machine Type: ZX Spectrum 16K/48K
Re-released by:
Author(s): J.T. Wilson
Type: Games / Utilities / Educationals (Compilation)
Message Language: English
Upload includes: TZX file of both sides of the tape, JPGs of Inlay and Tape Label Side One and Two
Source: From original tape
Filetype: TZX
Reason for Upload: MIA
Note: Some of the programs mention J.T. Wilson as author in the listings, where some of them are conversions of TRS80 versions done by him in 1981. I suppose all programs on this compilation is written by him. The programs mentioning him are: Housebreak, 3D Noughts & Crosses, The Vault, Towers of Hanoi, Corridors of Doom, Star Wars, Calendar and Maths. Could not test all programs as some of them doesn't respond to keypresses when run with an Emulator. I suppose its a question of some wrong settings in the Emulator.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/bp1zvoxq6r5cz8a/Super Software Pack.zip?dl=0
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