zx spectrum +2 cpu question

another +2 mystery ...
so just testing a +2 Z70700 issue 1.. although my power set up was a bit delboy .. PS2 power brick with modified end for the 9 volts (actually 8.5V) , and pc atx PSU for the 5 volt feed via its stand by voltage.. so tested the +2 with games,mainly 48k but also with auf wiedershen monty which is 128k + retroleum card (amazing value foe money) and it passed all the 128k tests and games worked properly .. so then i tried the ram diagnostic program by d.smith / b.alford and it crashes on start up just as it asks if you want to run in sink mode, tried a different cpu and it works fine,,, so finally my question ,, what does this program check on the cpu that nothing else did to cause it to crash ?


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