uMIA: Z80 Analyst - Sesomsoft

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Full Title: Z80 Analyst
Also known as:
Year: 1985 (Loading screen) / 1986 (Tape label)
Company: Sesomsoft (Herbert Bauer, Munich, Germany)
Machine Type: ZX Spectrum 48K
Re-released by:
Author(s): W.Bernard
Type: Utility: Assembler
Message Language: German
Upload includes: TZX file of program. JPGs of inlay, German instructions (Front and Back) and tape label
Source: From original tape
Filetype: TZX
Reason for Upload: uMIA
Note: I would imagine the game was written in 1985, thereas the copyright notice on the loading screen, but it wasn't released until 1986, as claimed on the tape labels. If you look closely on the picture of the tape label, you'll see they overwrote original games and stuck their own tape label on top of the original. In this case they used the Sinclair release G27/S which is Jetpac. The instructions is a little to technical for me to dare and translate it, but if some German would like a go, feel free to do so, and send me a copy to be added to this download file, THANKS :-)
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