Screen corruption with devices on edge connector (grey +2)


I've recently done a full capacitor replacement and replaced all 16x DRAM chips on my grey +2.

Prior to this I would get a corrupted screen after a few minutes of being on, it would stop responding to reset, keyboard would stop working, etc). It's now rock stable and I've left it sitting at the +2 menu screen for several hours and it appears fine, still responds to key presses, the menu works, can type basic in, etc.

However, if I power the Speccy on with something on the edge connector (either my old DivIDE+, or the PS/2 keyboard cart from it starts up with screen corruption. Power it off, remove the device and power-on again and its fine.

Could this be a power supply issue? I'm using the standard +2 power brick (barrel jack) and the board has the original 78S05 regulator and L-shaped heatsink. Is it worth replacing the regulator with a new one, or with a modern alternative like a 5 volt switching regulator with higher output?


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