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There are a few utilities that transfer tape contents to +3 disk but most, if not all, require manual intervention to change the loader and/or rename the files to disk compatible versions. I've taken a stab at creating a transfer utility which decodes the basic loader and attempts to re-write it for disk loading, it also renames the code files to be 3DOS friendly.

It is very much a WiP but wanted to release an early version to get feedback, if anybody is interested. It actually works for a lot more games than I was expecting. One of the reasons I created Z80onDSK instead of a tape version was I didn't think a tape version would work in most cases due to machine code loaders etc... anyway was pleasantly surprised. I even got it to work with some of the Ultimate games by adding a little bit of M/C in a REM statement which turns of paging before launch.

The utility will tell you if it can't transfer the tape and I'm looking into ways to fix some of these. Please note it only really works for games without any m/c loading so multi-loaders or headerlesss loading will not transfer, at the moment anyway.

Anyway if you are interested give it a go here

| TAPonDSK v0.2 © 2020 Tom Dalby
| Usage: TAPonDSK tapfile <options>
|        disk filename taken from tapfile
|   options:
|     -d add a simple basic loader file called DISK so it autoruns from menu
|     -D instead of using an additional file just rename the basic loader to DISK
|     -s NUM number of files to skip before starting transfer, useful if tape
|        has a initial load file crackto or similar. File after the skip has to
|        be the BASIC loader and rest of code following.
|     -b switch off bank switching, useful for some older games.
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  • Updated version out (v0.4) and I've improved compatibility a lot so if you are interested please test it out here. Been a fun exercise in figuring out how these TAP files have been created. A lot of them are just simple memory dumps in a TAP wrapper, which makes my decision to create Z80onDSK first a wise one :-)

    @kgmcneil even created a WinXP version for you :-)

  • You sir, are a star... Thank you so much for thinking of us retro Windows users!... Iv also grabbed your ZXSTLC utility too - I deeply appreciate you keeping us in mind - Thank you!... :)
  • Updated version out (v0.8) even more improvements in compatibility and now works with the earlier Ultimate Play the Game titles such as JetPac & PSSST etc...

    Grab from the usual link here

  • Cool little utility Tom, thanks. B-)

    Could the created dsk images be written to real +3 floppies? If so anybody gave it a go yet?
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    Cool little utility Tom, thanks. B-)

    Could the created dsk images be written to real +3 floppies? If so anybody gave it a go yet?

    Yes there is a utility called DSK2TAP which breaks up the .DSK image and puts it into a .TAP file, ironic I know. Load the resultant TAP on your Spectrum +3, pop in a blank disk, select A: and it will recreate the image on a real disk. Very easy to use

    dsk2tap "Zynaps (1987)(Hewson Consultants).DSK" zynaps.tap


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  • Nice!... Thanks for the update and for including an older Windows XP version in there!... Your tool works nicely... I'll need to try fiddling a bit to try to get that other dsk2tap utility to work though, from seasip.info cos it keeps spitting out a formatting 00 error of some sort... Expect Im doing something wrong with the emulator Im testing it on though... Thanks for continually updating your tools there - always good to see utilities like these get tweaked and refined even further... Makes development project much easier... :)
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    Probably got as far as I can with this converter. I've added a few features such a Tape ROM Call scan/replace which means a lot of headerless tape loaders now work and also the ability to switch to USR 0 mode before launching to help the older titles. Overall I'm pleased with the conversion rate and combined with Z80onDSK gives me lots of options to get those older games working on my +3 :-)

    Anyway you can read all about it and download the latest version here

    If you find any bugs please let me know.

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  • Thanks again for including a WindowsXP version in there - much appreciated... :)
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