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Hi All,

This may be a stupid question, but how do I get an API key?



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  • Get naked, run around in a field of Llamas while sacrificing many virgins and unicorns to the God of Sinclair TVs...
    So far, so meh :)
  • After I've done that, how long do I have to wait?
  • It depends on the ugliness of the virgins [s.f.w] and the tastiness of the unicorn burgers.

    API keys tend to be API specific - what API do you need a key for
  • Ahh. I see! :)

    It's mostly to get the list of titles with their associated folders. Ultimately to see the loading screen.

  • Hi again.

    All joking aside, is there really no way to actually get an api key?

  • Ping @Lee Fogarty
    So far, so meh :)
  • Hi Polomint!

    Thanks for the suggestion. I pinged him straight away but as yet have no response.

    I presume you meant by message on this site, not by email?


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