Stuck trying to install ZesarUX Next emulator

I hope this isn't the wrong place to ask but can someone help me get ZesarUX running?

I downloaded and unpacked it from GitHub and now have a folder called zesarUX master in which are two folders called screenshots and src and two files GITIGNORE and README.MD which is a file type I do not recognize.

I had hoped to find an INSTALL option and in the SRC folder there are 2 .

INSTALL and WINDOWSINSTALL but clicking them I get asked what to use to open them with and I do not know. This is rather frustrating. I had expected to get an automated install but apparently not!


  • Got it installed and working now thanks to Peter from S.C and +3
  • Mention of a Next emulator got me curious, so I Googled it. You're right, github isn't particularly friendly for finding an easy installer, is it.

    Anyway... I found a download eventually (after clicking through to a new repository, and rummaging round a bit for something that you'd think would be front and centre of the page). Unzipped the download, and there was an exe that started things.

    That was the easy bit.

    Found my way to a machine selector, but none of them says Next. From the github page, it lists Next alongside TBBlue. Wtf is TBBlue? Never heard of that one. Is it a dev codename for the Next? Something else?

    I know very little of the Next other than:
    1 - It's an official 'upgraded' Spectrum
    2 - It looks cool
    3 - I want one
  • The TBBlue is the one you want Antiriad. Mind you, the problems only begin to start at that point because it takes a while to work out what to mouse click or key to press to get to the useful point of, in my case, loading NEXTBasic.

    I ended up restarting the computer when I found myself locked up tight for no reason I could understand.

    I've asked for help at the Facebook site and when and if I get some useful info I'll let you know.
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