V - Visitors (Ocean, 1986)

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Do you remember from old days, was there Donovan's (hero that we control in "V") invulnerability or not?
Is this a "feature" or it's a bug... when playing "V"?

More details:
I noticed that I can hit (run into) baddies as much as I like, nothing can hurt Donovan, so game is reduced just to plant bombs where needed and crack passwords on our way (:|

In V, if all works as it should, we have "tension" among time limit on one side and heart/body recovering in safe zones (needs time...) on other. As I found, there is no danger in Speccy version (nothing hurts Donovan) so there is NO tension :(

Of course, I tried various files (original TZX, TAP, my ancient z80, even Erbe's TZX) all behave same...
I tried different emulators (ZX Spin, Spectaculator) no change, always same, we practically have built-in POKE for Donovan's health.

I remember there was some "tiny glitches" (as imperfect emulation) something like: wrong colour change of rhinocero in Sabre Wulf etc., but there was no major impact on gameplay... here, in V-Visitors, is this a case of the major impact of imperfect emulation vs. gameplay, or authors just have neglected Speccy version and release it "as is"?

I tried to load V in my real Speccy (after 15 years of hibernation) just to find that membrane keybord is "recycled" and crumble when touched... OK, at least electronics is still good :) so...

I know, I sound like main character in Orwel's 1984, when he want to find old enough person, to ask about... but ;)
did you play V in 80's, and was it a crap as it is under emulation now?
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  • Hi Alex_Lux,

    Be patient :) I checked the code, you'll be died if you hit by many-many enemies. The counter counts from 64 downto 0 but if you keep stay it is increased.

    Stay at an open position (near a lift) speed up your emulator and the heart pulse will be faster and become red. Then you will die. Or set $9299 address to a low value (for ex. $02) and you will see the end sooner.

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