New Utility Z80onMDR - Transfer Z80 snapshot to Microdrive Cartridges

With the growing popularity of the excellent vDrive I've adapted one of my utilities to create Microdrive cartridges from Z80 snapshots. Anybody that has tried to copy tapes to Microdrive is aware of the challenges especially with the later custom loaders and the aim of this utility is to make it as easy as possible to get games onto cartridge, including the ability to create compilations with a nice menu etc...

Currently in beta and 48k snapshot only but if you want to try it out you can using the following link

| Z80onMDR v0.7 (c) 2020 Tom Dalby
| Usage: Z80onMDR [global options] snapshot.z80 [snapshot settings]
| [global options]
|   -m NAME - specify Microdrive Volume & Output Name, length 10 alphanumeric
|             only. Will truncate if >10 and remove non-alphanumeric chars.
|             This will also be the Menu name in batch.
|             <Default is take name from 1st z80 file>
|   -f      - override estimated size check if showing Microdrive oversize.
| [snapshot settings]
|   -n NAME - specify filename, length 10 alphanumeric only.
|             Will truncate if >10 and remove non-alphanumeric chars.
|             <Default is take name from the z80 file>
|   -s FILE - add a custom loading screen. Screen must be in binary .scr format
|             and exactly 6912bytes long.
|             <Default is use screen from Z80 file>
|   -b      - force buffer storage to screen area (with corruption), useful if
|             the game will not work due to the gap actually being used
| Batch Mode is activated if more than one z80 snapshot specified, example:
|   Z80onMDR snapshot1.z80 -s screen1.scr snapshot2.z80 Games01
|     which creates an MDR with snapshot 1 & snapshot2, snapshot1 has an
|     alternate loading screen and filename, menu & volume name are Games01
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  • Along with any other tools you ever produce, you can bet, Ill be downloading it - Thanks again for thinking of us Xp machine users... ;)
  • Version v1.3 released with a few more options, ability to run on any Microdrive (previous version only worked on #1) bug fixes and now works with 128k games. Grab at the link above.

  • Have adapted the utility to create OPUS Discovery Disks instead of Microdrives for anybody that wants to try it. Download available using the following link

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    Updated OPUS support so it now can create 720kB DSDD disks. Download from the usual link.

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  • MGT Plus D version also now ready and on the website

  • I received a couple of requests for a utility to just create the program loader menu I've used in Z80onMDR for transfer to disk, so I've created MenuDSK to do this. It can handle up to 20 menu entries using the mock 128k menu style (shown below). It is wrapped in a basic loader and this can then be output to a variety of disk types (PlusD, OPUS, +3) plus also to tape for easy transfer to real drives.


    Download at the usual link

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