Infoseek user scripting with Tampermonkey

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Well, I've decided to play with User Scripting again, and this time using Tampermonkey, a browser add-on for the most of the current browsers.

Now, I'm a really bad HTML coder so this is still buggy and needs testing, and is probably still under construction...
But I've spent a whole day writing it (and another day to write this post lol -- Ed.)

This is the script: pastebin link and sendspace link (You only need one of them.)
(You may need to rename it to "infosk_script_20201007.user.js", this will (probably) make the browser think it's a user script and makes it easier to install it. I'm new to pastebin so it might not work properly.)

1. You'll need to install Tampermonkey first, this is an add-on to your browser. (If you can't find it from your browser you could try )
2. Then download the script. Remember that you can read the script first before deciding to install! Don't install it if you don't trust it.
3. Then test it on the Infoseek site like this one for example:
(It might take a while to load. zzz...)
4. Hint: You can click on the pictures.
5. New versions will probably be posted in newer posts in this thread.

Note that Tampermonkey isn't available for mobile.

Please let me know what you think of it. I might add more functionalities in the future too, or some other scripts for other part of the site (or not -- Ed).
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