ZX Spectrum Games With Pop Song Titles.

I have thought of two of these:-

Run Baby Run (Firebird) :I was going to cheekily suggest that this was "covered" by "The Newbeats" but I had better be accurate and say that The Newbeats came first (OK so that was a gag)

I had better not try the same thing with "Ticket To Ride" or people might think I was socially ignorant . But I think "The Beatles" may have done an earlier version.

Are there any more ?


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    You could say Spellbound, I’m pretty sure a good few bands have a song called that, but I’m thinking Souxsie and the Banshees here.

    Edit: Oh and Tears for Fears did a song called Head Over Heels.
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  • Good one : Sioxsie and the Banshees had a hit with Spellbound in May 81 and it got to number 22 in the UK charts . So this hit is the first one found so far that was in the Spectrum era!
  • Do theme songs to movies count? Live And Let Die, A View To A Kill and The Living Daylights have all had Spectrum games based on them.
  • Hysteria - Also song/album by Def Leppard.
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    Pyjamarama/Avalon - Roxy Music.
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  • LSD - game by CRL, song by Kaotic Chemistry. Stayed in the charts for one whole week, reaching the dizzying heights of no. 68.
    The Boxer
    I found those in about 5 minutes, so there could be loads of them.
  • The Great Escape
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    Reply to Nick

    Sorry I should have said : "Tie ins" do not count . So what counts here are those "accidental coincidences" or clever use of the names means that customers who liked the song will buy the game without the software house having to pay any "tie-in" royalties . The first one I found was this one ony "The Newbeats" which I mentioned here around 9 Oct 2020:-


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  • I'm guessing that there must be at least one song called It's Only Rock 'n' Roll out there somewhere?
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    "Hysteria": Deff Leppard:It seems that there is no obvious tie in so it counts , their hit was in Nov 1987 (Software Projects 1987) : so quite close together.
    "Avalon": Roxy Music : hit in June 1982 : seems to count (Hewson 1984)

    Here it is:-

    I have a Roxy Music query . Does anyone know which album the hidden "P*** Off" lyrics were on ( Its terrible the things one forgets!)
    I could not find Chaotic Chemistry
    Yes, you coud be right about "The Loco-motion" as I think everyone was doing that including "Lttle Eva" Sept 1962.(Mastertronic 1985)
    "The Boxer" Simon and Garfunfle April 1969 . (Cult 1990 and Microhobby 1989)
    "Escape". There ssems to have been a few Escape songs ( Including Rupert Holmes ) and there were loads of Speccy "Escape" games (A Price 1982: Big K 1984: DMC 1989 : Editoriale Video 1984)
    "The Great Escape"
    Here is the theme :-


    So in most cases the music came well before the Speccy game ( shock horror : it was the Music that influenced the Spectrum rather than the other way round . Can I accept that?)
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  • With a quick search on Youtube I found these:

    Finders Keepers by You Me At Six
    Stormbringer by Deep Purple
    Behind Closed Doors by Charlie Rich

    I'm a bit surprised that Jumping Jack Flash hasn't been mentioned by anyone.
  • Think - Aretha Franklin
    Dizzy - Tommy Roe, Wonderstuff etc
    Booty - Jennifer Lopez
    Cheeky Funster (53)
  • Waterloo by KW Software / ABBA
  • Some songs I'm not familiar with -
    Dominoes - Robbie Nevil
    Dominator - Human Resource

    There was also a song called 'Computer Game', by Yellow Magic Orchestra, but there doesn't seem to be a computer game called Computer Game, so that's no use.
  • Dark Star - The Grateful Dead
    (Castle) Black Star - Yngwie Malmsteen
    The Chequered Flag - Jethro Tull
    High Noon - Frankie Laine
    Fred - Allan Holdsworth
    Salamanders (in the Sun) - Steve Vai
    Red Moon - The Walkmen
    Chimera - Bad Religion
    Sentinel - Mike Oldfield
    Happiest Days of your Life - Pink Floyd
    Convoy - C. W. McCall
    Mercenary Song - Steve Earle
    (Yet Another) Movie - Pink Floyd
    On The Run - Midnite Sun
    Rasputin - Boney M
  • Go To Hell - Alice Cooper (he's even on the loading screen)
    Kung-Fu - 187 Lockdown
    (Le) Saboteur - Turbonegro
    Chain Reaction - Diana Ross
    (Do You Like...) Mantronix - Mantronix
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    Well there is some "new stuff" here (new for me anyway) . I thought "Finders Keepers" was something to do with "THe Searchers!". Here it is with another group:-


    And here "You Me At Six" are:-


    My son said "Sounds like early 2000ish music .You can always tell" But the game ( Finders Keepers (Mastertronic) was in 1985 . So the game was in a position to be an "influencer" (as distict from an influenza!)
    "Stormbringer" Deep Purple 1974:-


    The game : "Stormbringer" (MAD) 1987
    Charlie Rich "Behind Closed Doors" got to number 16 in April 1974 . The game : Zenobi 1988
    "Think! Aretha Franklin got to No 26 in May 1968 . The game Think! had an exclamation mark (so it probably does not qualify!) was by Ariolasoft UK 1985
    "Waterloo" by Abba got to No 1 in April 1974. The game was by KW Software 1985
    "Dominoes" Robbie Neville:-


    Dominoes was done as a game by CCS , CDS , DJL , Micromega ,Oasis , Phipps and Sinclair User

    "Dominator" by Human Resource (1991):-


    "Dizzy " by Tommy Roe got to Number 1 in April 1969:-


    There were loads od "Dizzy" games by Codemasters
    Booty by Jennifer Lopez


    The game was by Firebird Software in 1984.

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  • Way of The Tiger - Gremlin Graphics
    Eye of The Tiger - Survivor
    ... close enough surely?
  • Mikie Imagine Software - Toni Basil's one hit wonder Hey Mickey.
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    Minder still a good song. Though it was a tv program it was in the charts as I remember watching it on Top of the Pops.
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  • Everyone's a Wally.
    Might be worth a visit to luny.co.uk.
  • Stonkers.
    We must perform a quirkafleeg
  • Exolon (Way to Tipperary)
    Cheeky Funster (53)
  • Fireball
    (The game could also go in the recent 'small playing area' discussion.)
  • "The Great Escape"
    Here is the theme :-

    No, not The Great Escape movie theme itself, there are other proper 'songs' with that title too.
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    What about the ones that are similar?

    For instance , with Minder , the song "I could be so good for you ( Dennis Waterman and the Dennis Waterman Band) got to number 3 in the UK in Oct 80 . But the Zx Spectrum game was called "Minder" which is not the name of the actual song . I suppose there could be another thread for "loose name associations" . Then the categories would look like this:-

    1) Actual Tie ins
    2) Exact (or "Exactish") names for song and game
    3) Looose name associations as per above .
    4) Song on B side of Computer game but song not a hit in its own right .

    As we have loads to look at I would prefer it if it was kept to (2) as per above but thanks for the input on this which has enabled this aspect to be fine tuned a bit .And another aspect is the song on the B side of the game as per Mike Berry with Everyones a Wally . This is documented here on Wiki:-


    Well that is a totally different concept - interesting though . Are there any more like this? .

    And , of course this applies to "The Stonk" which is not the same as Stonkers! And the same applies to Exolon (nice try)


    But ,for now , back to category 2!

    And thanks to Antiriad for pointing out the correct song for the "Great Escape"

    But today we have no new Category 2 type additions so far.Next I will check "Fireball" !

    Yes this one is a "good un" :-


    The game was "Fireball" ( Fontana) 1984 . So this is the only new addition for today .
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  • But today we have no new Category 2 type additions so far.Next I will check "Fireball" !

    Yes this one is a "good un" :-

    I've never heard that.
    I was actually thinking of Deep Purple. (Annoyingly, there's a game called 'Speed King 2', but I can't find one called 'Speed King'.)
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    But there are variations even within category 2 . Sometimes the hit comes AFTER the the ZX Spectrum.

    Reply to crunchy_frog

    I think we have to be "easy" on the Spectrum side of things . I think "Speed King" should count but I will check to see if I can find a Speed King game . I could be that Deep Purple are the "favourite" Band for this kind of thing!

    (Some time later) Yes I found a game called "Speed King" for the Commodore 64:-


    So that means a new Category (Wow) . Category 5 is where the game appeared on other micros but not on the ZX Spectrum . But in the mean time:-


    And this:-


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  • Speed King for the C64 is essentially a slightly later port of the Spectrum's Full Throttle, both were from the same author but for different publishers, hence the name change. With Speed King being the later of the two games, this was the title used for the sequels.

    Coincidentally, Full Throttle is a common song title, for example The Prodigy have a track with this name.
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  • I'm not vouching for the quality of any of these, only that they exist:

    Skool Daze, Cherri V

    Elite, Deftones

    Lords of Midnight, Beagle

    Commando, Ramones

    Renegade, Thin Lizzy

    The Birds and the Bees, Dean Martin
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