Games way better on speccy than on C64

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I was thinking about creating a comparison video about games that are way better on spectrum than on c64. What good examples can you come up with and what are the main differences?

I think good examples are (speccy vs c64)
- Amaurote (isometric vs crappy 2d)
- Carrier Command (filled polygons vs crappy 2d)
- Turbo Esprit (fast/detailed graphics vs blocky/slow)
- Wec Le Mans (very fast and detailed vs blocky and slow)
- Starion (superfast 3d vs super slow blocky 3d)
- Enduro Racer (big&detailed vs small&blocky)
- Cobra (very good vs very bad)

At first I was thinking about including Zynaps, but while I hate the C64 version, video of the gameplay looks fine so decided not to include that in the list above. Same goes for isometric games and 3D star wars games: they’re slower on C64 but not so slow to make a good comparison (unlike Starion, for example).

Disclaimer: Both machines have amazing games but I do prefer Speccy.
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    Better gfx and gameplay.
    Music is totally lacking on the Speccy version, but they even managed to do weak music on the C64.
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  • Target Renegade. It's one of the few C64 games I've played and it was awful from what I remember.
  • Chase HQ springs to mind, although I must admit the Amstrad version is the best of all the 8 bits.
  • Yeah i was thinking of Chase HQ as well.
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    Oh yes. I was thinking of Chase Hq when writing the original post but didn’t write it down for some reason. It’s unbelievably bad on C64.

    Which reminds me, Hard Drivin’ is another arcade coversion which is absolutely terrible on C64.
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  • To be fair Hard Drivin’ is pretty much terrible no matter how you play it.
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    The original arcade version (I’ve owned a cabinet) is amazing. No driving game comes close. Not even the sit-in-a-real-sports-car-version of Ridge Racer.

    Speccy version is a brave attempt.
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  • What about Stunt Car Racer or perhaps Sim City?
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  • Alien by Mind Games is vastly superior on the Spectrum. The Commodore version is a slow, ugly and horribly broken mess. One of the worst crimes here is the door sound. In the Spectrum version it only plays if someone actually uses a door, which can be used to tell if the Alien is currently in the ducts or wandering the corridors. On the 64 it plays whenever anyone changes location, regardless if they're in the corridors or ducts, which means it's always playing, rendering the sound utterly pointless. The trackers are also buggy, which makes them impossible to use reliably. It may boast 3 difficulty levels, unfortunately they range from unfair to impossible. The ZX game may only have one level of difficulty, but the challenge is always perfectly tuned to be fair on the player. This is a perfect example of a great concept being ruined by poor execution.

    Death Star Interceptor by System 3. Fast arcade action, great pseudo-3D graphics and brilliant sound effects on the Spectrum. The c64 version? well.
  • zx1 wrote: »
    What about Stunt Car Racer or perhaps Sim City?

    Stunt Car Racer is excellent on the C64.

  • RoboCop 2 on the Speccy is a tough, but enjoyable platformer which does a pretty good job of capturing the feel of the movie. RoboCop 2 on the C64 is some horrible cartoony monstrosity that looks like it was an entirely different game with RoboCop glued in at the last minute.
  • Sqij.

    Almost all games are better than the C64 versions anyway, so why not just choose the worst ones instead?
  • Ersh wrote: »
    Death Star Interceptor by System 3. Fast arcade action, great pseudo-3D graphics and brilliant sound effects on the Spectrum. The c64 version? well.

    I just watched the C64 video and I think I had to stop on the second level because... well... this needs an epilepsy warning!
  • Although I did have a C64 in the early 2000's for about a year (was given to me with half a dozen games, then I passed it onto someone else for free) , I was never really keen on some of the shades of its colour palette and the graphics in quite a few games appeared relatively blocky, similar to some Amstrad CPC games.

    I don't mean that in a bad way! Sure there was no colour clash etc and I think more colours available but this seemed to be (to me at least) as the expense of resolution perhaps. A bit like some BBC Micro games in that regard.

    Having said the above, most of the games I tried did play nicely. :) , lets not mention JSW with its square stairs that were annoying to jump through etc etc. Dynamite Dan 1 played quite good on the C64 iirc.
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