High-quality magazine scans (and not the Big Three)

First, note that I've already asked regular HQ-scanner Mort about this, but then, it's far from certain that Mort has every magazine I might need, and the net needs to be cast wider. All the scans that were done back in the old WOS days will have been contributed by a team of... I have no idea how many, but certainly more than one.

Typing in listings can be tricky when the print quality is bad, but it's made so much worse then the original magazine printed the listing with small-sized characters to fit it all into the least amount of page space they could get away with - which is then scanned and given a level of JPEG compression so high that half the characters are indistinct blobs. Some of them, I can make an educated guess at - but others could be just about anything, and when the blobs are part of a machine code listing, or are a symbol in a detailed calculation, this can break the entire listing.

So, if there is anyone who has the following magazines - and they're not the regular Big Three - do raise a hand.

Popular Computing Weekly:
26 September - 2 October 1985, page 17
17-23 January 1985, page 13
17-23 October 1985, page 23
24-30 October 1985, page 24
31 October - 6 November 1985, page 25

I may require more issues of PCW when I get round to the QL utilities, as well as Your Computer, Home Computing Weekly and Personal Computer News. I am already bracing myself for the very much non-zero possibility that those who scanned the magazines in the first place threw them away afterwards, thinking there'd be no more need for them.
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  • And the answer I was looking for was: the Centre for Computing History, with their archive of scanned magazines, including what looks like a substantially complete archive of Popular Computing Weekly. It's all in far higher quality than the WOS archives, presumably due to being scanned much later - so, Lee, you know where you might want to look next...
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